5 Best Swimming Fins for Beginners (Reviews Updated 2022)

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As a swimming newbie, a pair of swimming fins can be all you need to quickly build strength, improve your technique, and basically come to terms will all that entails great swimming. They serve as an extension of your legs and help improve your stroke efficiency by displacing larger volumes of water, ultimately improving your swimming power and allowing you to achieve higher swimming speeds. The ideal swimming fins for beginners should very comfortable, fit snugly, and yield impressive thrust.

Best Swimming Fins for Beginners

Choosing the ideal swimming fin is already hard, but more so for the absolute beginner, thanks to the host of brands who all claim the top spot. To save you the hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five swimming fins for beginners on the market so you can make the right choice quickly.

1. FINIS Long Floating Fins

Finis Long Floating Fins

The FINIS long floating fins are the ideal swim fins for beginners and come with a long blade design to help improve leg strength and swimming speed. They are neutrally buoyant, adaptable to both clean and saltwater, and sport a full pocket design. They are color-coded according to size and are built from soft rubber for the most wearing comfort.

  • Beginner-friendly with long blade design.
  • Neutrally buoyant and highly versatile.
  • Color-coded and super comfortable.
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2. Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Training Fins

Speedo Unisex Adult Swim Training Fins

Speedo makes a great entrance again with these swim training fins that sport long blade designs for the most thrust per stroke. Built from soft rubber, they come with orthopedic full foot pockets for the most comfort and are color-coded for easy size reference. They are ideal for lap swimming and snorkeling and help build strength and improve form.

  • Long blade design for maximum stroke efficiency.
  • Comfortable, full foot pocket design, and color coding for the ideal fit.
  • Highly versatile and great for strength building.
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3. CAPAS Swim Fins

Capas Swim Fins

The CAPAS swim fins come with an open-heel design with adjustable straps for the ideal fit, and a flexible foot pocket for the most comfort. They sport a grooved short blade design to help build endurance and speed, and are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for the traveling swimmer. They are very easy to wear and take off and come in a host of sizes great for the whole family.

  • Open-heel design for the ideal fit.
  • Easily adjustable and travel-friendly.
  • Easy to use and comes in a wide range of sizes.
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4. FINIS Training Swim Fins

Finis Training Swim Fins

This swim fin pair from FINIS sports a single, solid design and is ideal for improving swimming endurance and speed. Built from flexible, durable silicone, it ensures the most comfort and a snug fit throughout your swim. They are perfect to build leg strength with their short blade design, activating the hips, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps per stroke and are ideal for both newbies and professional swimmers.

  • Short-blade design for building leg strength.
  • Bright colors for maximum visibility.
  • Ensures a comfortable, snug fit.
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5. Sea Lion Junior Floating Fins

Sea Lion Junior Floating Fins

The Sea Lion Junior fins are the ideal swim fins for kids and young teenagers. They feature a sleek, dual-tone design, and are built from neutrally buoyant rubber for perfect positioning assistance. They are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for traveling and vacations and come in varying sizes.

  • Great for kids and young teenagers.
  • Neutrally buoyant and dual-color design.
  • Travel-friendly and come in various sizing options.
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Swimming Fins for Beginners Buying Guide

Swimming fins serve as extensions of the swimmer’s legs to create a larger surface area for energy transmission and are especially great for beginners who want to build leg strength and develop good form. They exponentially increase the thrust generated per stroke and reduce the energy demand on your hands for more swimming comfort.

Our buying guide reviews the best swim fins for beginners on the market, pitching them one against the other based on their specified features, to give you a basis to compare them and get the best product your money can buy. We also guide you in your purchase as we outline the deciding factors you should consider when on the market for swim fins for beginners before you make a purchase.

Comfort and Fit

As a newbie swimmer, getting a pair of swimming fins must be done right the first time and every time after that. To ensure you stay focused on all you’ll be doing and learning in the water, your swimming fins must be very comfortable on your feet. They should neither be too tight to cause discomfort or blisters or too large that they come off easily.

As you’ll be doing a lot of reckless kicking, they should hug your feet in a decent grip like a good shoe. Your swimming fins for beginners should also come with a flexible foot pocket for the ideal fit.

Blade Length

Another important factor to consider when choosing swimming fins for beginners is the blade length. Swimming fins for beginners come with short, medium, and long blades, each having their purposes. Short fins are great for training, which you’ll be doing most as a beginner. They emphasize building leg strength and, requiring faster motions and are ideal for swimming laps.

Long swimming fins for beginners, on the other hand, are ideal for relaxed swimming and when you want to take it slow. They don’t require as much kicking speed as shorter fins but may be somewhat detrimental to achieving top form. They allow you to move longer distances with lesser effort – the lazy man’s swimming fins of some sort. Medium length swimming fins sit somewhere in between the two.

Heel Design

Another important quality of swimming fins for beginners to consider is the heel design. Swimming fins come as either open-heel or full-foot fins. Open-heel swim fins for beginners feature a foot pocket with an open heel. They use straps to hold the fin in place and are highly valued for their comfort. They are also great for people with sensitive skin or skin prone to blistering.

Full-foot swim fins for beginners, on the other hand, envelope the heel in an elastic foot pocket like you will wear a shoe. They are often more lightweight than open-heel fins and can be worn with or without socks.