5 Best Swimming Gloves (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Taking your swimming skills to new heights is just as important as learning basic swimming in the first place. One of the most remarkable ways to improve your skills is by developing your arm strength and swimming gloves are considered one of the best ways to do so. Needless to say, there are tons of swimming gloves available in the market and getting the right swim glove for your swimming needs is imperative. With our review, we have brought the best swim gloves to you; and our buying guide can help you navigate the available options in the market.

Best Swimming Gloves

These are our picks for the best swimming gloves.

1. Speedo Aqua Fit Swimming Gloves

Speedo Aqua Fit Swimming Gloves

The Speedo Aqua Fit Swimming Gloves is designed to improve water repulsion when undertaking water resistance training and building the muscles of your upper arm. Made with 100% fiber and a rubber palm, it is simple to use and convenient even in the most strenuous training sections. Its webbed structure and opening at the tip allow your fingertips to feel the water while allowing you to position your fingers perfectly.

  • Adjustable wrist closure
  • Flexible webbing
  • 100% Fibers
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2. Head Aqua Fit Training Swim Gloves

Head Aqua Fit Training Swim Gloves

Designed to fit various types and sizes of swimmers, the Head Aqua Fit Training Swim Gloves are adjustable with a Velcro strap on the wrist. A head design that keeps your hand in a proper swimming position is accompanied by openings that let your fingertip be a part of the experience. Durability was not neglected in its construction; thus, a neoprene material was considered a perfect choice to build this masterpiece.

  • Durable neoprene swimmers glove
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist
  • Exposed Fingertips
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3. Hydro-Fit Wave Web Pro Swimming Gloves

Hydro Fit Wave Web Pro Swimming Gloves

The Hydro-Fit Wave Web Pro Swimming Gloves is shaped to fit like a second skin with comfort and durability at the center of its design. Made from chlorine resistant materials, this glove can stand the use over an extended period as well as repeated use. With this glove, water exercise is measured because of its moderate water repulsion quality allowing you to grow your muscles and arm strength gradually.

  • Moderate level of resistance
  • Unique chlorine-resistant fabric
  • Full covered web
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4. CNYE Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves

Cnye Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves

Neoprene and Lycra have no better use than the fine combination obtained in the CNYE Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves. This glove was designed to provide long term comfort and durability for swimmers looking to tone and strengthen their arm muscles and enhance propulsion while in the water. Enough attention was given to the stitches producing an excellent result of fine stitches with excellent color retention; so no fading while you use this glove.

  • Made of Neoprene.
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • More flexible and breathable
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5. Aquatic Gloves Swim Training Webbed Swimming Gloves

Aquatic Gloves Swim Training Webbed Swimming Gloves

The full-body elastic design of this swimming glove makes it easy for almost any swimmer to use. The Aquatic Gloves Swim Training Webbed Swimming Gloves are made with water-resistant materials, so no drenching and soaked fingers when you use them. Nevertheless, the openings at the tip bring your fingertips into the game helping you create the propulsion that you’d always needed.

  • Made of neoprene
  • Full-body elasticity
  • Adjustable wrist strap
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Swimming Gloves Buying Guide

Buying a swimming glove is one pretty good step towards becoming a better swimmer but buying one of the best swimming gloves means a whole lot to your development. When buying a swimming glove you should consider looking at the features to see how useful they can be to you. Some of the features that we suggest are the following.


Nobody wants to wear a wabbling swimming glove while working out in the pool. Most times, that is the cause of arm injuries and the development of poor swimming habits. You must ensure that you buy the exact size that would fit your palms and fingers without causing any discomfort.

For swimmers with a significantly smaller hand, there are swimming gloves with an adjustable Velcro strap on the wrist that allows you to fasten the glove to fit your hands and promote proper swimming exercise.

The Design

Some swimming gloves come with web-like designed to provide better propulsion with the water. Some others are designed with something that looks more like swim paddles to give you a better push through the water. Although the amount of resistance that comes with each design varies, you have to look out for the design that best suits your improvement needs.


The material of any swimming piece is equally important. Although we strongly advise that you opt in for swimming gloves made from neoprene or polyester materials, there are others that may serve you well also. Some swimming gloves, aiming to provide versatile usability, are made from latex and other very elastic materials. If you are allergic to latex, these are not a very wise option to take but you may consider materials with high elasticity if you are unsure about your hand size.

Furthermore, some materials are more durable than others. Durability, being a major focus for value shoppers, is an important factor to consider when choosing your next swimming glove. Some gloves are designed with technologies and materials that promote durability. For instance, a few of our best swimming gloves reviewed are made with chlorine-resistant materials that allow you to use it repeatedly over extended training sections in your pool. Also, some are excellently stitched to withstand the pressure from your growing arms. This gives you a more comfortable feel and most importantly, keeps your gloves with you for a long period.