5 Best Swimming Headphones (Reviews Updated 2022)

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With great swimming headphones, you can listen to the music you love, both above and in the water. Swimming is fun but can be more with some music to groove to. A good swimming headphone should be highly waterproof, comfortable to wear, and of course, deliver excellent sound.

Below, we take a look at our top five selected swimming headphones to help you find the best product, quickly.

Best Swimming Headphones

Here are our headphones for swimming reviews.

1. Swimbuds Flip Headphones and SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player

Swimbuds Flip Headphones And 8 Gb Syryn Waterproof Mp3 Player With Shuffle Feature

These 2-in-1 headphones and MP3 player is the ideal sound kit to take along when next you want to go swimming. They are both rated IPX8 waterproof and feature excellent control. The swim buds come with four earbud styles for a comfortable, universal fit. The player comes with a clip to create a seamless integration with the swim buds, making it ideal for a wide range of sports.

  • IPX8 Waterproof rating.
  • Four earbud sizes for comfortable, universal fit.
  • Comes with goggle clip for firm fit in physically engaging sports.
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2. Tayogo Waterproof MP3 Player and Swimming Headphones

Tayogo 8gb Waterproof Mp3 Player, Ipx8 Swimming Waterproof Headphones Work For 6 8 Hours Underwater

The Tayogo waterproof sound kit sports an IPX8 waterproof swimming headphones pair with rubber seals for a perfect fit, 8 GB of internal memory, and up to 8 hours of playing time. The unit is lightweight for comfort and can be used in hot pools without any damage.

  • Waterproof sound kit at up to 3 meters of depth.
  • Ensures secure fit, impressive memory, and playing time.
  • Heat-resistant and lightweight.
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3. Waterproof MP3 Player Swim Headphone PSWP6BK

Waterproof Mp3 Player Swim Headphone Submersible Ipx8 Flexible Wraparound Style Headphones Builtin

This fully submersible 2-in-1 player and headphones combine IPX8 waterproofing, with seamless control, and up to 10 hours of battery power. Its flexible neckpiece ensures a great fit on any neck size and comes with a variety of earbuds for land and water use.

  • IPX8 waterproof.
  • Easy controls and impressive battery power.
  • One-size-fits-all and ensures high adaptability for both land and water.
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4. AfterShokz Xtrainerz Open-Ear MP3

Aftershokz Xtrainerz Open Ear Mp3 Bone Conduction Wireless Sport Headphones, Waterproof For Lap Swim

The AfterShokz Xtrainerz open-ear MP3 uses the revolutionary bone conduction method, allowing you to stay conscious of everything happening around, in comfort, while jamming to the music you love. It comes with 4GB of storage, impressive ON-time of up to 8 hours, and is IP68 rated. Its unique design ensures comfort and a secure fit even in fast swimming.

  • Uses open-ear, bone conduction.
  • Impressive power and storage.
  • Ensures a comfortable, secure fit.
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5. Surge S+ (Short Cord)

Waterproof Headphones For Swimming Surge S+ (short Cord). Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

The Surge S+ waterproof headphone pair boasts of superb sound quality and impressive IPX8 waterproofing. The unit is straightforward to use and control and comes with five earbud sizes to ensure a good fit for different ear canal sizes. The product also boasts of an impressive 1-year warranty.

  • Superb sound quality and tight fit.
  • IPX8 rating and easy control.
  • Easily scalable in earbud size and comes with an impressive warranty.
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Swimming Headphones Buying Guide

Swimming headphones ensure you groove to your favorite music both in and outside the water. While many swimming headphone brands boast of how their products are the best, there are some factors to look out for when scouting for your music mate.

Our buying guide reviews the best swimming headphones on the market, allowing you to quickly compare them and go for the perfect match that suits your needs.

Headphone Type

Swimming headphones come as either wired or wireless models. Each has its pros and cons, as we will now look at. Wired headphones boast of more power, hence better sound. However, they are bulkier and heavier, and the risk of the connecting wire snapping is ever-present.

Wireless headphones, on the other hand, are less bulky and hence, more comfortable. They also boast of impressive durability as they are wire-free. The headphones, however, have separate batteries from the player and, for their small size, do not last as long as wired models.


This should be so evident, but just for the benefit of doubt, any swimming headphone you’re going for should be waterproof. The average headphone should be rated IPX8 and should prevent water from entering the internal components, naturally.

Different headphones have different waterproofing ratings. For calm swimming, an average, comfortable swimming headphone should suffice. If you will, however, be doing high dives and fast swimming, a more waterproof headphone is the preferred choice.

Do not confuse water-resistant for waterproof. Water-resistant headphones can survive mild splashes but will become infiltrated if immersed.

Sound Transfer Method

Generally, swimming headphones either sit in the ear canal or use bone conduction. The former is the more common type, while the latter is new technology.

Headphones that use bone conduction allow you to hear the surroundings while jamming up. Regular headphones seal the ears.


Any swimming headphone you’re going for should be very comfortable and yield a snug fit. The quality matters, and any headphone that irritates your ears should be avoided.

Good brands usually come with a bunch of earbuds with different sizes for you to choose from. These are included to ensure a secure fit with different ear canal shapes and sizes.