5 Best Swimming Monofins (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The mermaid tail adds the spice of fairy-tale into the swimming fun. For people looking to take the fun for both them and their kids while in the water up a notch, the monofin stands as the ideal accessory to buy. A great mermaid tail should be very comfortable, durable, and stylish.

Below are our best swimming monofins reviews.

Best Swimming Monofins

Here are our monofins for swimming reviews.

1. FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin

Finis Mermaid Swim Fin

The FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin is a top-rated monofin for kids six and up, that is built for safety and comfort. It comes with a unique, quick-release foot strap that is adjustable to fit a wide range of foot sizes. You get a bonus beach backpack and is great to help kids build leg strength.

  • Perfect training monofin for comfort and safety.
  • Easily adjustable to a wide range of feet sizes.
  • Great value for money with extra backpack.
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2. Body Glove Mermaid Linden Kids Monofin

Body Glove Mermaid Linden Kids Monofin

The Body Glove Mermaid Linden Kids Monofin is a top-rated fun accessory for kids four and above. It’s built with adjustable straps, is easy to pull out, and sports rubber edges for swimming safety. Its soft foam pads are designed for your kid’s comfort and hydrodynamic profile for reduced drag and effective swimming control.

  • It comes with adjustable straps and is easy to pull.
  • Soft foam pads for comfort and rubber edge for swimming safety.
  • Ensures minimal drag and swimming control.
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3. FOIL Monofins

Foil Monofins

The FOIL monofin is a fantastic swimming accessory endorsed by top coach Bob Gillett and is specially designed to enable the seamless foil motion needed in the dolphin kick. It comes with an expandable strap that makes it easy to wear and remove. Its bright color ensures maximum visibility and unique shape for maximum propulsion and minimal drag.

  • Ideal for learning the dolphin kick.
  • Comfortable to wear and remove.
  • Easy supervision with bright colors for maximum visibility.
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4. FINIS Wave Monofin

Finis Wave Monofin

The FINIS Wave Monofin is specially designed for young swimmers to perform a flawless undulation, and train the core and build leg strength, learning the dolphin kick in no time. Its unique open toe and heel design ensure a snug fit for a wide range of leg sizes, and its rear strap makes it easy to remove in the case of an emergency.

  • Great for learning the dolphin kick.
  • Helps build core and leg strength.
  • Ensures a snug fit, and is comfortable to wear and remove.
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5. Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin

Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin, Swim Fin For Kids And Adults

The patented Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin comes with a unique design to create the natural mermaid motion and help the swimmer learn the dolphin kick quickly while getting a good workout. It is built from lightweight, flexible, and high-strength materials for durability. Its soft foot pouch ensures for comfort even with high-speed flaps.

  • Built to enable flawless dolphin kicks.
  • Is lightweight, flexible, and durable.
  • Built for comfort and snug fit.
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Swimming Monofin Buying Guide

The swimming monofin brings fun into swimming, allowing us to live a fairy-tale and mimic the mermaid. When choosing a swimming monofin, there are some things to look out for, as we would now see.

Our buying guide reviews the best swimming monofins on the market, outlining their key features to enable you to go with the best product that fits your needs, quickly.


It’s imperative that the swimming monofin you go for should be very comfortable. The material the monofin is made from plays an important role in how comfortable it is.

Soft material like rubber is the preferred choice to ensure a cozy, secure fit, and allow for expansion.

Monofin Size

When shopping for a swimming monofin, you want to go for the ideal size to ensure a good fit. The monofin should not be too tight, as this will make you uncomfortable after a while.

At the same time, the monofin should not be too big to prevent it from coming off as you wriggle and wag your ‘tail’ to the delight of those around you.

Intended Purpose

The purpose for which you want to use the swimming monofin will determine the type and size you go for. Smaller monofins are great for relaxed, slow swimming at the pool, and yield lesser propulsion.

If you want to go fast and exercise your core and legs, then a longer monofin is the preferred choice.