5 Best Swimming Nose Clips (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The nose clip is a great accessory for the novice swimmer to stay focused on learning without accidentally inhaling water through the nose. They are designed to allow for complex movements by keeping the nasal cavity sealed. A good nose clip should be very flexible, provide proper sealing, and should be very comfortable.

Below are our best swimming nose clips reviews.

Best Swimming Nose Clips

Here are our nose clips for swimming reviews.

1. Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip

Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip

The Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip is a top of the line swimming gadget that sports a highly flexible nylon frame, streamlined to perfectly fit the outline of the nose. The sealing ends come with soft TPR pads for a comfortable, tight fit, and the flexible frame ensures an excellent fit for a wide range of nasal sizes.

  • Is lightweight and highly flexible.
  • Ensures a comfortable, tight fit.
  • Fits a wide range of nasal sizes.
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2. Speedo Competition Nose Clip

Speedo Competition Nose Clip

Another great product from Speedo, this outstanding nose clip is designed to maintain a tight fit even at high swim speeds, perfect for sports. It is lightweight and comes with rubber pads on the sealing end for a comfortable, close fit, and a stainless steel frame that emphasizes durability.

  • Great for high-speed water sports.
  • It is lightweight and ensures a tight fit.
  • Is durable.
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3. FINIS Nose Clip

Finis Nose Clip

This unique swimming nose clip is designed for an exceptional waterproof fit and comes with silicone sealing pads to ensure comfort. The lightweight, flexible nylon frame is highly durable and retains its sealing ability for a good while. You also get a free case for secure storage. Its shape makes it excellently compatible with other swimming accessories.

  • Ensures a comfortable, tight fit.
  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • It comes with a storage case and is easily compatible with other swimming accessories.
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4. PI-PE Nose Clip for Swimming

Pi Pe Nose Clip For Swimming – Prevents Water Getting Into The Nose – Easy To Attach – No Pinching

The PI-PE Swimming Nose Clip features high-grade silicone for a secure, comfortable fit and easy cleaning. It comes with a carrying case for safe storage and is easy to use. Its unique design makes it a great choice for kids and adults and ensures for a minimum-pressure, perfect nose seal.

  • It is lightweight and ensures a comfortable, secure fit.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Yields effective sealing with minimal pressure, for kids and adults.
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5. BRBD Waterproof Silicone Swimming Nose Clip

Brbd Waterproof Silicone Swimming Nose Clip Plugs For Adults Children Age 7+

The BRBD Waterproof Silicone Swimming Nose Clip is the ideal nose clip set for a fun day with family at the pool. For kids just learning how to swim, the set of six nose clips give each child his/her match to avoid confusion and protects them against water inhalation. The soft silicone pads help maximize comfort and the frame for a secure seal under minimal pressure.

  • It comes in different colors for easy matching.
  • Ensures comfort and a tight seal.
  • Minimal pressure water inhalation protection.
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Swimming Nose Clips Buying Guide

Nose clips are an excellent accessory for both novice and veteran swimmers who want to focus more on their form and less on preventing water from entering their noses. They also protect against organisms that may be in the water.

Choosing the right nose clip requires you consider some factors we will now look at.

Our buying guide reviews the best swimming nose clips on the market based on their features, allowing you to find the ideal product that clicks with you.

Material Composition

The material the nose clip is made from plays an important role in its durability. Many nose clips come with metal necks, great for chemical-resistance, and a tight fit. They are also very durable and damage-resistant.

Silicone nose clips are also common. They are softer, lighter, and cheaper than those made of metal. They are, however, more fragile and less durable.

Nose Size

The size of your nose clip determines its water-sealing abilities. Different nose sizes demand for their respective nose clip sizes. For children and people with smaller noses, specialized nose clips are available. Most nose clips you’ll see on the market, however, are made for adults.


The right nose clip should be very comfortable to wear. A nose clip with high gripping pressure will make you uncomfortable and ruin your swimming fun. On the other hand, the nose clip should not be too loose as this will lead to water infiltration. It should be a balance of sealing pressure and comfort.