5 Best Swimming Pool Pumps (Reviews Updated 2022)

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To ensure your swimming pool stays sparkly clean for whenever you’ll like to make a splash, a swimming pool pump is an essential part of your maintenance gear. They are the bad boys that do the heavy lifting to drain, refill, and circulate your pool water, and power other pool maintenance equipment like filters, vacuums, and heaters. The ideal swimming pool pump should recirculate water through your pool in a reasonable time frame, integrate seamlessly with other pool equipment, should be highly energy-efficient, run with as little noise as possible, and should be easy to install and operate.

Best Swimming Pool Pumps

To save you the hassle of finding the right pool pump, we have compiled a list of our top five swimming pool pumps on the market so you can make your choice quickly.

1. Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 Pump

Wayne 57729 Wynp Wapc250 Pump

The Wayne WAPC250 stands out with its outstanding hands-free performance and comes with the iSwitch technology that automatically turns the pump on and off with varying water levels and grants it freeze protection. It comes with a wide strainer base that doubles as a filter and a floating pad and is oil-free for the best stain-free performance. It is highly energy-efficient, achieves impressive flow rates, and runs on electric power.

  • Superb hands-free performance with iSwitch technology.
  • Oil-free and comes with a strainer floating pad.
  • Energy-efficient and achieves a high flow rate.
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2. Hayward W3SP2610X15 Super Pump

Hayward W3sp2610x15 Super Pump

The Hayward W3SP2610X15 comes with 1.5 horsepower of pumping power produced by a single-speed, highly efficient motor. It boasts of heavy-duty performance, an air ventilation system for cooler, quieter operation, and is highly efficient. It includes a large straining basket that is easy to remove and ensures for fewer maintenance runs and a quick-access 4-bolt for easy maintenance and servicing.

  • High pumping power and flow rate.
  • Efficient cooling and quiet operation.
  • Easy maintenance with straining basket included.
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3. DuroMax XP652WP

Duromax Xp652wp

The DuroMax XP652WP packs a punch with 7.0 horsepower of pumping power and is ideal for very large pools, lakes, and dredging operations. It is gas-powered, can lift water up to 92 feet from the base level, and achieve up to 158 gallons per minute of flow rate. It is EPA approved, comes with a bunch of accessories, and a 1-gallon gas tank that will give over two hours of pumping time.

  • Heavy-duty operation and gas-
  • 92 feet lift with 158 gallons per minute flow.
  • Includes setup kit and 1-gallon fuel tank.
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4. Pentair 011028 IntelliFlo VS Pool Pump

Pentair 011028 Intelliflo Vs Pool Pump

The Pentair 011028 IntelliFlo pool pump boasts of superb efficiency and convenient control. Its intuitive user interface allows for easy programming and observation, while it supports mobile control when integrated with other Pentair automation systems, and comes with a relocation kit for mounting it on various surfaces. Its powerful motor comes with variable 8-speed settings, ensures cool, quiet operation with an enclosed fan, and is easily accessible for maintenance and servicing.

  • Superior efficiency and convenient control.
  • Comes with a relocation kit and possible mobile control integration.
  • Variable 8-speed, cool, and quiet operation.
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5. Hayward W3SP3206VSP TriStar VS Pool Pump

Hayward W3sp3206vsp Tristar Vs Pool Pump

The Hayward W3SP3206VSP TriStar pool pump comes with a variable speed 2.7 horsepower motor and boasts of excellent savings in operation costs. It scores well with quiet operation, dual-voltage operation, and less power demand with its permanent magnets. It also comes with highly intuitive digital controls, is easily programmable, and an enclosed fan that allows for highly efficient cooling.

  • Highly efficient and quiet operation.
  • Dual-voltage operation and less power demand.
  • Intuitive, programmable controls, and efficient cooling.
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Swimming Pool Pumps Buying Guide

The swimming pool pump is the central hub of every pool’s maintenance equipment. It does the heavy lifting for drainage and refilling and powers other common pool gadgets to ensure the pool retains its clean sparkle.

Our buying guide compiles a list of the very best swimming pool pumps selected based on their specified features to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the necessary deciding qualities you should consider in a swimming pool pump before you make a purchase.

Pool Size

The first factor you want to consider when choosing a swimming pool pump is the size of your pool. The larger your pool, the larger the pump you will need to turn over the water in a reasonable time frame. A pump too small will in turn take too long to turn over the water.

The size of your pool will determine the power rating and flow rate of the pump you go for. Deeper pools, also require pools with more powerful suction (maximum head) to lift the water out. With a rightly-sized pump, you will get the ideal water flow rate to move the water in and out of your pool as effectively as possible.

Compatibility with Other Equipment

Swimming pool pumps are now often connected to other pool maintenance equipment like vacuums, filters, heaters, etc. To ensure you get the right match, always refer to connection sizing charts. Your swimming pool pump should also be sized to meet the water demand of the other equipment but should also not overwhelm the said equipment with too much water.


The noise factor is another important point to consider when choosing pumps. The ideal swimming pool pump should be as quiet as possible. With enclosed cooling fans and brushless motors, you can get a great pump that scores well on the decibel rating.

Constant vs. Variable Speed

Swimming pool pumps generally come with single-speed and variable-speed motors. Single-speed swimming pool pumps have only one operating and work at full power, every time. Variable swimming pool pumps, on the other hand, can be adjusted to different speeds and are generally considered to be more energy-efficient. With a variable speed swimming pool pump, you can run the unit at lower speeds for longer periods, achieving more efficient circulation for the same or even less, energy consumption.