5 Best Swimming Pool Skimmers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Owning or managing a pool comes with the pool-life-long responsibility of keeping it clean – your pool will always get dirty with dust, hair strands, food particles, leaves, etc. But with the ideal pool skimmer, you get to bring down the savages as they come and can cut down on your pool cleaning time with the most convenience. The ideal swimming pool skimmer should be easy to set up and use, highly durable, collect as much dirt as possible before cleaning is required, and offer the most convenience.

Best Swimming Pool Skimmers

To save you the shopping hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five swimming pool skimmers so you find the right gadget for personal oasis quickly.

1. ProTuff Pool Net for Cleaning

Protuff Pool Net For Cleaning

Old but still gold, the ProTuff pool skimmer retains the conventional manual design and comes with a large 19.5’’ hoop for less cleaning time and effective scooping. It comes with a high-grade, highly durable pool bag and a high-strength aluminum frame that is highly corrosion resistant and interfaces with standard pool poles. It is highly affordable, scratch-resistant, and is backed by an outstanding warranty.

  • Manual design with large hoop for quick cleaning.
  • Highly durable and corrosion-
  • Affordable and warranty insured.
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2. Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

The Intex Deluxe surface skimmer is an outstanding automatic pool cleaner that connects to your pool’s filtration for hands-free cleaning. It is easy to set up, mounts onto your pool wall, and delivers excellent skimming action with a swirling action. Built from high-grade polypropylene, it is inert to chemical action and is easy to access for quick cleaning.

  • Automatic skimming action.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Highly durable and requires minimal maintenance.
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3. Solar Breeze NX2 – Automatic Pool Cleaner

Solar Breeze Nx2 – Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Solar Breeze NX2 is a state-of-the-art robotic pool skimmer that emphasizes the most convenience and cost-effectiveness. It features a 2-way battery and solar power option, moves around autonomously, and scoops up debris with the most ease. It comes with a large collection basket for less maintenance and supports a chemical dispenser tray for chlorine tablets and algaecides.

  • Superior convenience and no operation cost.
  • Solar/battery-powered and automatic cleaning.
  • Minimal maintenance and chemical dispensing support.
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4. SkimmerMotion – The Automatic Pool Cleaner

Skimmermotion The Automatic Pool Cleaner

The SkimmerMotion is especially suited for small debris and cleans the pool surface in little time. It attaches directly to your vacuum or automatic bottom cleaner, moves in parallel with it, and borrows some of its suction to swirl dirt into its collection basket. Its unique design is patented, requires no extra power, and is very convenient to use.

  • Great for small debris.
  • Attaches to pool vacuum and very convenient to use.
  • Easy cleaning and requires no extra power.
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5. Swimline 8051SL Leaf Skimmer

Swimline 8051sl Leaf Skimmer

The Swimline 8051SL is a manual pool skimmer that comes with all you’ll need to start cleaning right out of the box. It features a fine mesh collection net and includes an adjustable 48’’ maximum length telescopic pole for the most reach. It is lightweight, very portable, and is very easy to use.

  • Emphasizes out of the box use and doesn’t require extra power.
  • Great for small and large debris and easily adjustable.
  • Lightweight and portable.
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Swimming Pool Skimmers Buying Guide

Swimming pool skimmers offer a convenient option to get rid of solid debris on your pool surface. They tackle the macroscopic impurities chemicals cannot handle, and ensure your pool looks its best.

Our buying guide compiles a list of the very best swimming pool skimmers selected based on their specified features to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the necessary deciding qualities you should consider in a swimming pool skimmer before you make a purchase.

Skimmer Type

Swimming pool skimmers are generally classified as manual, automatic, and robotic or independent skimmers. Manual swimming pool skimmers are the most basic skimmers and usually feature a large hoop with one side enclosed by a net. They are ideal for very large debris and are great if you like to be handy. They are also the cheapest swimming pool skimmers available on the market.

Automatic swimming pool skimmers attach to your pool’s pump or filtration system and use a vortex effect to remove dirt from the surface before it sinks. They offer the benefit of hand-free performance and are great for small to medium-sized dirt. Some specialized automatic pool skimmers attach to a pool vacuum and move with it.

Robotic swimming pool skimmers are the most advanced skimmer types and function totally independently. They have their own vacuum, collection bag, move autonomously in the water, and may connect to the mains supply or run with solar/battery panels. They are, however, very expensive but will pay pack their purchasing cost with their excellent performance.

Pool Type

The type of your pool will also generally affect the type of swimming pool skimmer you go for. Manual and robotic pool skimmers are generally great for all types of pools, but some automatic pool skimmers are designed for specific pool types. Always refer to the product specifications so you choose the right gadget for your pool.


When you are on a tight budget, manual swimming pool skimmers are the way to go. If you are willing to spend extra for hands-free performance, then automatic or robotic pool skimmers are ideal. There is a pool skimmer for just about any budget, with as little as under $20 for a manual swimming pool skimmer to over $500 for robotic models.