5 Best Swimming Pool Toys (Reviews Updated 2022)

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With swimming pool toys, you can take the swimming fun up a notch and create loving memories for your little ones. While swimming pool games are more suited to older kids and adults, your babies might just want to play with their mates, and swimming pool toys are just perfect for them. The ideal swimming pool toys should be highly interactive, should not have tiny parts a little child can choke on and should come in colorful designs.

Best Swimming Pool Toys

To save you the hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five swimming pool toys on the market your little ones will surely love.

1. CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Game Toys Set

Cozybomb Magnetic Fishing Game Toys Set

This mock-fishing magnetic toy set from CozyBomb is a great buy for families with many kids and comes with a host of aquatic animals. It encourages child education and cognitive learning and can be used by the whole family. It the ideal gift set for your kids and with its realistic magnetic poles you can teach them how to fish, capturing them with a solid magnetic hold they won’t escape from.

  • Complete aquatic toy set for kids.
  • Encourages cognitive learning and family-friendly.
  • Choke-free and highly interactive with varying colors.
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2. SwimWays Finding Dory

Swimways Finding Dory

This highly relatable toy set from SwimWays will remind your kids of the adventures of Dory and all their favorite characters. As each character floats at different heights, it helps your kids improve on their swimming even unknowingly as they try to catch each character in the net. This toy set is recommended for kids 5 and above and comes at a dirt-cheap price.

  • Highly relatable Finding Dory characters.
  • Helps kids build swimming technique.
  • Very affordable.
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3. HDJUNTUNKOR Super Water Gun

Hdjuntunkor Super Water Gun

The HDJUNTUNKOR twin-gun pair is every kid’s dream and will ensure your kids have a blast at the pool. Each gun meets safety standards, comes with an 800CC capacity, and can shoot water up to 40 feet away. They are great for both adults and kids and you can spice up the fun by adding ice to the tank.

  • 800cc capacity and long shooting distance.
  • Easy to squeeze and great for both adults and kids.
  • Colorful design and safety emphasized.
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4. Poolmaster Pirate Boat

Poolmaster Pirate Boat

The Poolmaster inflatable boat brings out the pirate in your little ones and is a great buy for kids 6 and above. It comes with a sleek patterned design, an inflatable seat for the most comfort, comes in impressive dimensions to accommodate two kids at a time. It is the real deal as your kids venture out to conquer the waters and can be used with two oar locks sold separately.

  • Pirate-inspired with impressive buoyancy.
  • Sleek design and very comfortable.
  • Easily inflatable and carries up to two kids at once.
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5. GoFloats ‘Great White Bite’ Shark Party Tube

Gofloats 'great White Bite' Shark Party Tube

The GoFloats large inflatable shark is a great buy for both kids and adults and boasts of an impressive 500 lbs. weight capacity. It is made from high-grade vinyl for the most durability and puncture resistance and features quick inflation/deflation valves. It is ideal for summer parties and get-togethers and sports a realistic design everyone will want to jump on.

  • Great for both adults and kids.
  • Impressive weight capacity and durability.
  • Quick inflation/deflation and realistic design.
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Swimming Pool Toys Buying Guide

Swimming pool toys are the easiest way to keep your little ones engaged while at the pool and not get bored. They subtly encourage your kids to play energetically and get accustomed to the pool while having the most fun.

Our buying guide reviews the best swimming pool toys based on their specifications and customer feedback to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the things you want to look out for in a swimming pool toy or set before you make a purchase.

Interactivity with Your Kids’ Age Range

The essence of any swimming pool toy is in its interactivity with your kids. The swimming pool toy you go for should be fun and well-suited to your child’s age range. Grown children will feel embarrassed and won’t play with toys that are well under their ages. Cartoon characters are always a great idea as your kids can relate to them.

For floating toys, they should come with enough buoyancy to support your child’s weight and more. When in a fix, it is always a good idea to go for toys that can engage a wide age range and even the whole family like squirt guns and large inflatables. For toddlers and infants, the toys you get should appeal to their senses with bright colors, playful sounds, etc.

They should also not be too small to be swallowed by an infant for the most safety.


Like any product niche, swimming pool toys come at widely varying prices. Depending on your budget, there is a swimming pool toy for just about anyone. You should also do well to check out reviews and customer feedback on the particular swimming pool toys you are considering so you get an idea of its quality and reliability.

Keep in mind that toy sets are generally more economical than single toys and are great if you have many kids.