5 Best Swimming Snorkels (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A snorkel is a great swimming accessory to have, allowing you to stay focused on your training and form without having to catch your breath now and then. With a pair of goggles, you can add sightseeing to your swimming fun, all while staying completely relaxed. A good snorkel should be comfortable, have a long tube, and should be highly adaptable to the intended use.

With our top five swimming snorkels reviews below, we save you search time and help you find the right snorkel for your needs quickly.

Best Swimming Snorkels Reviews

Here are our snorkels for swimming reviews.

1. Cressi Adult Diving Dry Snorkel

Cressi Adult Diving Dry Snorkel With Splash Guard And Top Valve Supernova Dry Designed In Italy

The Cressi Adult Diving Dry Snorkel boasts of impressive reviews thanks to its unique features, which include a long tube with a valve that will close automatically to prevent the entry of water. It merges effortlessly with a mask, comes with a very flexible tube to minimize jaw fatigue, and is easy to clean.

  • Superb safety against the infiltration of water.
  • Minimal jaw fatigue.
  • Effortlessly merges with a mask with just a click.
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2. ZIONOR Multipurpose Snorkel

Zionor Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable Mouthpiece One Way Purge

The ZIONOR Multipurpose Snorkel is highly adaptable to swimming training, diving, etc. It is very comfortable and ensures a firm fit, and is built from durable, food-grade material for mouth comfort. It is designed to prevent accidental infiltration of water, enable minimal resistance when swimming, and maximize stroke efficiency.

  • It is comfortable and well-fitting.
  • Durable, food-grade material composition, and infiltration prevention.
  • Built to enable excellent swimming efficiency.
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3. FINIS Swimmer’s Snorkel

Finis Swimmer's Snorkel

This great snorkel is specially designed for swimmers and ensures a secure fit for complex moves in the water. It is built from soft, flexible medical-grade silicone for comfort and minimal jaw fatigue. Its one-way purge valve prevents water infiltration and its adjustable head bracket for an easy, universal fit.

  • Ensures a secure fit for the swimmer.
  • Built for comfort.
  • Adjustable head bracket for universal fit.
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4. MP Michael Phelps Focus Swim Snorkel

Mp Michael Phelps Focus Swim Snorkel

Named after the swimming legend Michael Phelps, this product sports a low-profile, hydrodynamic design to minimize drag, is built to help train the swimmer’s lung capacity and cardiovascular strength. Its adjustable, lightweight head bracket ensures a comfortable, universal fit, its flexible silicone composition for minimal jaw fatigue, and a one-way purge valve to prevent infiltration of water.

  • Hydrodynamic design for minimal drag.
  • Perfect for beginner swimmers and infiltration safety.
  • Built for comfort and universal fit.
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5. Speedo Bullet Head Swimmer’s Snorkel

Speedo Bullet Head Swimmer's Snorkel

The Speedo Bullet Head boasts of a hydrodynamic design for minimal drag resistance, and impressive stability at high swim speeds. It comes with a small tube to train the lungs, and its adjustable headband is padded for comfort and ensures a great, universal fit.

  • Impressive hydrodynamics reduces drag.
  • Impressive stability.
  • Ensures improved lung capacity and comfort.
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Swimming Snorkels Buying Guide

Swimming snorkels are especially great for beginner swimmers, but anyone can still benefit from them. It takes your mind away from the need to breathe and ensures you stay focused on your form and strokes, and yields the added benefit of training your lungs.

Choosing the right swimming snorkel requires you consider a set of factors we will now look at.

Our buying guide reviews the best swimming snorkels on the market to give you a basis to compare them and make the best choice your money can buy.

Intended Purpose

In general, snorkels are used for swimming. For beginner swimmers who are training, it is usually a great idea to go for one with a smaller tube size. Swimming snorkels with smaller tubes are designed to help build lung capacity, improve breathing efficiency, and build cardiovascular strength.

If you, however, want a relaxed swimming experience, then a wide-tubed snorkel for maximum airflow is the preferred choice.

 Tube Length and Flexibility

The length of the snorkel tube is one of the most important factors to consider and is the most safety-emphasized. You want to go for one with a very long tube to minimize the risk of water infiltration.

While training, water seeping into the tube, will obstruct your airflow and can be very dangerous. The longer the tube, the less likely it is to get infiltrated.

Infiltration Protection Support

As an extension of the point outlined above, you want to go for a snorkel that is equipped with a water-infiltration protection valve. Great snorkel tubes usually come with a mechanism that will automatically close should water begin to enter.

External Design

The external design of the snorkel tube plays a significant role in how efficient the wearer’s swimming is. Great snorkels come with a hydrodynamic design to minimize drag.

Whether for training or comfort swimming, a snorkel with a padded headband is the ideal choice. You want a unit that will be very comfortable to wear and ensure you stay focused. An adjustable headband is also a great choice to make the snorkel easily scalable in size to fit a wide range of head shapes and sizes.