5 Best Tow Ropes for Wakeboarding (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Wakeboarding is a watersport in which a rider, standing on a wakeboard, is pulled behind a motorboat and rides the waves—also known as a wake—created by the boat’s movement and propellers. The rider can either enjoyably cruise behind the boat, or use the wake to perform a number of aerial manoeuvres and mid-air tricks. Wakeboarding is popular activity amongst both cottage goers and extreme water sports enthusiasts alike.

Take a look at the reviews below of some of the best wakeboard ropes currently on the market.

Best Tow Ropes for Wakeboarding

Here are our reviews of the best towropes for wakeboarding.

1. AIRHEAD Spectra Thermal Wakeboard Rope

Airhead Spectra Thermal Wakeboard Rope

This 70-foot wakeboard rope and handle is designed with zero elasticity, offering a quick and immediate response. Its thermal coated spectra line is stiff and ridged to combat twisting and kinking.

  • Solidly built to handle all weight classes
  • Padded grip for comfortable, secure hold
  • Equipped with two foam floats makes it easy to locate in the water
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2. Airhead 2AHS-1100 or 1200 Wakeboard Rope

Airhead 2ahs 1100 Or 1200 Wakeboard Rope

This is a great rope for both novice and advanced riders. Complete with finger protectors and an EVA grip handle, this rope is designed to handle inverted tricks and spins.

  • Durable aluminum handle ensures solid grip
  • Rope keeper included for tidy storage
  • Low-stretch rope for smooth starts
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3. O’Brien 4-Section Poly-E Wakeboard Handle/Rope Combo

O'brien 4 Section Poly E Wakeboard Handle Rope Combo

One of the best names in wakeboard sports, this rope from O’Brien, is designed with four different sections to allow the rider a customized length depending on their style.

  • Large floating handle can easily be spotted in the water
  • EVA grip for great traction
  • Adjustable length to suit all preferences
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4. Seachoice 86801 5-Section Wakeboard Rope

Seachoice 86801 5 Section Wakeboard Rope, 15 Inch Eva Grip Handle, Trick Handle, 75 Feet Long, One S

This multi-sectioned rope with stunt-handle is designed specifically for aerial maneuvers and tricks and is a favorite amongst pro athletes.

  • Floating rope and handle
  • Textured EVA grip
  • UV light resistant helps prevent rope rot
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5. Full Throttle Wake Board Tow Rope

Full Throttle Wake Board Tow Rope

This is a great rope regardless of skill level. Complete with finger guards to prevent pinching and hand injuries, this is a suitable option for cruising and performing tricks.

  • Rope keeper included for tidy storage
  • 5-sectioned rope for customized length
  • 1,750lb textile strength
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Tow Ropes for Wakeboarding Buyer’s Guide

Due to safety and performance, a quality wakeboard rope and handle cannot be overlooked. The purchase you make should be driven by factors such as skill level, weight class and stunt capabilities. During your research, you’ll no doubt be bombarded with a huge variety to choose from and this can make the decision process a little confusing. That’s where we come in. Take a look at our included buyer’s guide for some tips and features to keep an eye out for when buying a rope that is suitable for your wants and needs.


Look for a marine grade rope as these are designed for quality and waterproofing. This is standard in many models, with some being UV resistant as well. These two features combined will eliminate rope rot and ensure that your towrope stands the test of time.


As wakeboarding can put quite a bit of strain on your hands, wrists and arms, try to choose a handle that is ergonomically designed with a comfortable handle that offers a strong non-slip grip. If you’re into tricks, look for a wide-set aluminum handle as they offer more surface area for pulling off complex aerial moves.

Sectioned rope

A one-piece rope is recommended for beginners. However, a rope that is sectioned—for shortening or lengthening, depending on experience level— is recommended for more advance users. If you choose to go for a sectioned rope, look for a color-coded option for ease of use.

Whichever option you choose to go with, it should be at least 70-75 feet.


Look for an aluminum handle wrapped in rubber for a non-slip grip. A floating handle is also a good choice, as you don’t want to spend time searching below the surface every time you take a fall.

Finger guards

Finger guards are highly recommended as they act as a buffer between your hands and the aluminum handle, making it impossible for the rope to pinch your fingers.