5 Best Trim Tab Actuators (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Trim tabs serve an important purpose on a boat. They provide a lift to compensate for variation in speed, weight distribution and water conditions. When a trim tab is deflected downwards, the water force creates pressure in the opposite direction which in turn raises the stern and reduces resistance to the hull. Actuators are devices which cause the trim tabs to operate.

Best Trim Tab Actuators

Here are our trim tab actuator reviews.

1. LENCO MARINE 15054-001 Actuator 101 Standard

Lenco Marine 15054 001 Actuator 101 Standard

The Lenco Marine 15054-001 Actuator 101 Standard is a high quality trim tab actuator from a reputable source.  This actuator is a smartly designed, standard device. It takes around 5 seconds for the actuator to go from full retraction to full extension.

  • 4lbs in weight
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 3.8 x 3 inches
  • For all standard, edge mount performance kits
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2. Bennet Marine HYDBOLTCON to BOLT

Bennet Marine Hydboltcon To Bolt

The Bennet Marine HYDBOLTCON to BOLT is a complete trim tab actuator kit. The kit includes everything you need for a quick and easy conversion from hydraulic actuators to electric actuators. This product has a lifetime warranty.

  • Includes with auto tab retraction and diagnostics relay module
  • Plug ‘n play connection to existing switch
  • Total weight 9lbs
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3. Bennet Trims Tabs Actuator

Bennet Trims Tabs Actuator

The Bennet Trims Tabs Actuator is a high quality trim tab actuator at a good price. This product bends 5 degrees if required. It is robust and flexible enough for the demands of offshore use, and is a complete hydraulic cylinder.

  • Piston-like strong arm pushes tab into position
  • Plastic resin body
  • 7lbs in weight
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Lenco Marine Actuator Xds

The LENCO MARINE Actuator XDS is a premium quality product, from a company renowned for their attention to detail. Its smart black design is combined with exceptional functionality. The actuator has a 6 ft cable and runs off 12 volts.

  • 5/16” mounting hardware
  • Lenco’s ball screw design extra reliable
  • 2lbs
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5. Mini Electric Liner Actuator

Mini Electric Liner Actuator

The Mini Electric Liner Actuator is a reliable trim tab actuator and not too expensive. This actuator has over current, short circuit, overload and overvoltage protection making it a safe option. It is under warranty for one year.

  • 12 Volts power
  • Stop at any position with automatic machine lock
  • Made from alloy steel
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Trim Tab Actuator Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a trim tab actuator is an important investment for a boat owner. A trim tab allows for compensation for fluctuations in conditions when boating.  While these items are not overly expensive, they are still a useful part of boating efficiently. A trim tab is not an essential item boat but it is one which can enhance the overall effectiveness of your boat. An actuator is the key component to this process working. The actuator takes energy and converts it into the motion that the trim tab needs to perform its function.

Our buying guide reviews the best trim tab actuators on the market so you can choose the right one for your boat. The following features are commonly included on most trim tab actuators and will guide you towards the right one for your needs.


Trim Tab Actuators perform a very important function on a boat. They effectively improve your boats performance by the adjustment of the angle of your vessel. Certain features will enhance the trim tab actuators ability to do that. One of these is the arm which pushes the tab into position. Another feature is a locking mechanism which allows the trim tab actuator to stop instantly. Some may even be self leveling which require no control or power to function.


Trim tab actuators need to be robust enough to withstand potential exposure to the elements and the general wearing of boating. These items are usually made from plastic resin which is known for being water resistant and durable. Alloy steel is an even stronger option but is heavier. Generally, a trim tab actuator will weight around 4lbs so they are not particularly heavy items.


Most trim tabs runs off 12v of power, but it is worth checking that the power requirements line up with those of your boat.