5 Best Trim Tabs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Trim tabs serve an important purpose on a boat. They provide a lift to compensate for variation in speed, weight distribution and water conditions. When a trim tab is deflected downwards, the water force creates pressure in the opposite direction which in turn raises the stern and reduces resistance to the hull.

Best Trim Tabs

Here are our trim tab reviews.


Sei Marine Products Trim Tab Kit

The SEI MARINE PRODUCTS Trim Tab Kit is a great value trim tab.  This trim tab kit fits a variety of units. It is made by the reputable SEI MARINE manufacturers who are known for producing marine products of a high quality.

  • Total weight 12 ounces
  • Made from aluminum with epoxy coating
  • Galvanized screw included
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2. Bennett Marine Bennet SLT10 Self-Leveling Tab System

Bennett Marine Bennet Slt10 Self Leveling Tab System

The Bennett Marine SLT10 Self-Leveling Tab system is a durable spring action trim tab.  This tab is available in either 6” x 8” or 10” x 10” in dimension.  It is made to improve fuel efficiency and getting on the plane faster.

  • Reduces pounding
  • Minimizes engine laboring
  • Eliminates chine walking
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3. Lenco Marine Inc 15101 Standard Trim Tab Kit

Lenco Marine Inc 15101 Standard Trim Tab Kit

The Lenco Marine Inc 15101 Standard Trim Tab Kit is a premium, complete trim tab kit.  Combining durability with exceptional quality materials, this kit includes all of the components required for a functioning trim tab system.

  • Double rocker, standard or LED indicator available
  • Gland seal upper mounting brackets
  • 12 gauge stainless steel electro polished blades
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4. Nauticus SX9510-80 Smart Tab SX Series Trim Tabs

Nauticus Sx9510 80 Smart Tab Sx Series Trim Tabs

The Nauticus SX9510-80 Smart Tab SX Series Trim Tabs is a good quality, well-built trim.  This piece of equipment is made to improve a boats overall performance and come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Self-adjusting trim tabs
  • Made of rust and corrosion resistant materials
  • Added tracking ribs for improved handling at higher speeds
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5. LENCO MARINE White Medium

Lenco Marine White Medium

The LENCO MARINE White Medium is a great deal on a durable trim tab system.  Made by reputable marine manufacturers LENCO, this trim tab is US made and combines reliability with high quality design and materials.

  • Made from durable galvanized metal
  • Complete trim tab kit
  • Easy installation
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Trim Tab Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a trim tab is an important investment for a boat owner. A trim tab allows for compensation for fluctuations in conditions when boating.  While these items are not overly expensive, they are still a useful part of boating efficiently. A trim tab is not an essential item boat but it is one which can enhance the overall effectiveness of your boat. A good quality tab is the key component to this process working. An actuator takes energy and converts it into the motion that the trim tab needs to perform its function.

Our buying guide reviews the best trim tabs on the market so you can choose the right one for your boat. The following features are commonly included on most trim tabs and will guide you towards the right one for your needs.


Trim tabs perform a very important function on a boat. They effectively improve your boats performance by the adjustment of the angle of your vessel. Certain features will enhance the trim tabs ability to do that. One of these is the arm which pushes the tab into position. Another feature is a locking mechanism which allows the trim tab to stop instantly. Some may even be self leveling which require no control or power to function.


Trim tabs need to be robust enough to withstand potential exposure to the elements and the general wearing of boating. These items are usually made from plastic resin which is known for being water resistant and durable. Alloy steel is an even stronger option but is heavier. Generally, a trim tab will weight around 4lbs so they are not particularly heavy items.


Most trim tabs runs off 12v of power, but it is worth checking that the power requirements line up with those of your boat.