5 Best Wakeboard Bindings (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A quality pair of bindings is an essential component for wakeboarding, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or complete novice. Bindings are what keep your feet attached to the wakeboard in midair or while cruising. A reliable pair of bindings can mean the difference between having an amazing afternoon and going home early with an ankle injury.

Take a look below for our reviews of some of the best bindings currently on the market for wakeboarding.

Best Wakeboard Bindings

Here are our reviews of the bet wakeboard bindings.

1. Airhead Binding Venom Wakeboard

Airhead Binding Venom Wakeboard

Airhead has been a trusted brand name in watersports for over 27 years. These open-toe bindings with an easy-adjust lace system are designed to fit a wide variety of foot sizes making them a great fit for teenagers and adults alike.

  • Left and right specific plates
  • Flexible plastisol overlay
  • Wide openings makes them easy to slip in and out of
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2. O’Brien Clutch Wakeboard Bindings

O'brien Clutch Wakeboard Bindings

These flexible, open-toe bindings are designed with a five-point adjustment system that allows each user to customize their desired fit.

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Canted chassis helps keep feet in natural stance
  • Free-flex tongue lets you slip in and out easily
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3. Ronix Wakeboard Bindings Supreme Boot

Ronix Wakeboard Bindings Supreme Boot Blue Caffeinated Black (2019)

Using the latest technology and materials, Ronix created these bindings by combining the comfort of stage 3 liners combined with their own patented Super Straps, for a balanced combination of leverage and elasticity.

  • 3D moulded tongue
  • FlexForm heel panel
  • Built-in J-bars
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4. HYPERLITE 2019 Jinx Women’s Wakeboard Boots

Hyperlite 2019 Jinx Women's Wakeboard Boots

These binding, by Hyperlite, were designed to fit both adults and children alike making them a great choice for a shared, family wakeboard.

  • Aluminum claw mounting system
  • Rear flex cinch lace
  • Adjustable floating-toe design for maximum comfort
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5. Hyperlite Frequency Wakeboard Boot Pair OSFA

Hyperlite Frequency Wakeboard Boot Pair Osfa

These bindings offer a quick-lacing system that allows you to slip in and out right in the water. These bindings are designed for maximum comfort with or without shoes.

  • EVA footage design for proper cushioning
  • Highly flexible for maximum comfort
  • Open-toe design
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Wakeboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide

So, there are a lot of options out there in regards to bindings and this may leave you scratching your head, trying to determine which ones are best for you or your family. To add to this confusion, there will no doubt be some terms above that you are unfamiliar with. Don’t panic, we’re here to help.

Take a look at our buyer’s guide for some tips and features to keep an eye out for when making your purchase.


If you’re planning on purchasing a pair of bindings for a board that will be shared among friends and family, then there is no better option than a universal fit. These bindings are designed to fit all feet shapes and sizes from small to big, wide and thin.

Closed-toe bindings

This style is mostly reserved for high-end designs and pro athletes. They are designed for performance, customized fitting and comfort; they also tend to be much more expensive than their open-toe counterparts.

Open-toe bindings

These are by far the most common types of bindings you’ll come across in your research. These bindings are suitable for a larger variety of shoe sizes, compared to closed-toe bindings that are designed for one size only. As mentioned above, these are the bindings that you’ll want to go with if you’re using a communal board.


Generally, bindings tend to come in two designs: stiff-flex or soft-flex.

Soft-flex bindings are great for beginners as they provide good cushioning for those hard landings.

Conversely, Stiff-flex bindings offer a higher level of performance with added control and quicker response.