5 Best Wakeboard Helmets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Wakeboarding, like every other extreme sport, can be thrilling and, at the same time, dangerous. Because your safety is the ultimate, using the best gears, including the best wakeboard helmets, can make your fun-filled summertime at the beach a more fascinating experience.

With the numerous useful products available to interested buyers, choosing the best wakeboard helmet for you is not so easy. Therefore, our unbiased review of the best wakeboard helmets is at your disposal.

Best Wakeboard Helmets

Here’s our review of the best wakeboard helmets.

1. Triple Eight Gotham Water Wakeboarding Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet For Wakeboarding And Waterskiing

The Triple Eight Gotham Water Wakeboarding Helmet is lightweight and super-comfy to use, providing the exact kind of protection that your head needs with minimal inconvenience. Designed in various sizes to fit different head sizes, the interior detachable dual-density sweat saver velcro gives your head an unmatched comfort. Its triple eight vents allow for quick dissipation of water from the head.

  • Velcro removable Sweat saver halo
  • Dual-density closed cell EVA foam headliner
  • High-density ABS outer shell
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2. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Wakeboard Multi-Sport Helmet

Retrospec Cm 1 Classic Commuter Bike Skate Multi Sport Helmet With 10 Vents

Ensuring safety on impact, the Retrospec CM-1 Classic Wakeboard Multi-Sport Helmet is designed with fully formed ABS surrounds and high-quality EPS foam. Also designed with eight vents, it is focused on keeping your head ventilated and allows for swift water drainage. Although suitable for teenagers and adults, this helmet is suitable for wakeboarders and many other sports or recreational activities.

  • Includes 2 sets of interchangeable pads
  • Fully formed ABS surrounds
  • DEWcollector interior padding
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3. Tontron Adult Watersports Helmet

Tontron Adult Watersports Skateboard Bike Outdoor Helmet With Ears Protective Pads

Suitable for all gender, the Tontron Adult Watersports Helmet is designed with quick-dry soft interior EVA absorption liner to retract sweats and pints of water that are trapped in your head while wakeboarding. As one of the highly recommended wakeboard helmets, it has 11 air-vent system to allow air into the skull while allowing excess water to flow out with ease.

  • ABS outer shell
  • Fully removable ear protection pads
  • Adjustable back of the head dial
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4. Mystic Predator Watersports Helmet

Mystic Predator Helmet Dark Red 180162

With only watersports in mind, Mystics designed the Predator to provide both maximum protection and comfort. With its lightweight outer shell with a few vents and detachable fit mesh, your head is protected against any eventuality. The small brims leave you without worries as it is designed to be compatible with earpads.

  • Adjustable head strap
  • Quick-release chin closure
  • Detachable fit mesh pads
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5. Pro-Tec Full Cut Wakeboard Water Helmet

Pro Tec Full Cut Water Helmet

With over 45 years of experience in producing high-quality gears, Pro-Tec rolled out its Full Cut Wakeboard Helmet with proven protection potentials and style. Understanding that wakeboarding makes for inevitable splashes of water on every part of the body, it is designed with 11 open vents to allow ventilation and drain water out of the head with ease. Its high-density injection-molded ABS shell keeps your head protected from any eventualities.

  • Multi-use Rear Mount Strap
  • Dual Density Waterproof EVA Liner
  • High-Density Injection Molded ABS Shell
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Wakeboard Helmet Buying Guide

Choosing your first (or next) wakeboarding helmet is not as easy as it seems since most helmets are often designed for multiple purposes. Choosing a wakeboard helmet that has been tested and approved is very important for your safety.

When buying a new wakeboard helmet, you must put your comfort and how the helmet fits on top of your checklist. You don’t want to have a helmet that shifts position upon impact creating a troubling hazard. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to wear a helmet that inconveniences you during your time out in the water. We advise that you take an accurate measurement of your head to ascertain the perfect size of the wakeboard helmet to purchase.

Of course, your safety while wakeboarding is paramount. Therefore, when choosing the best wakeboard helmet to buy, endeavor to conduct brief research to ensure that your helmet of choice has gone through the safety tests required for wakeboarding and watersports, and approved for use. Also, you shouldn’t consider buying a used helmet because wakeboard helmets may have unobvious damages after a crash that could expose you to hazards when reused.

Another factor to consider is drainage and vents. Being a wakeboarder exposes you to inevitable deeps in water or reception to splashes. When these happen, water could be trapped inside your wakeboard helmet. Ensuring that your choice of wakeboard helmet has enough drainage and vent to expel this trapped water is essential.

Finally, the lining of the wakeboard helmet should get your undivided attention as well. You should consider choosing a helmet with a waterproof and quick-dry lining. You wouldn’t want to have your helmet absorbing excess water and having them drip all over your face while in action. It can get distracting and could be hazardous.