5 Best Wakeboard Racks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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As much as wakeboarding is one of the most thrilling activities performed on the water, storing the equipment used for the sport presents a huge challenge to both professional and recreational wakeboarders. For the reason of storage and convenience, wakeboard racks were invented to keep your wakeboards organized at all times. Nevertheless, buying a proper wakeboard rack is yet another challenge to face in your attempt to solve the storage problems that accompany wakeboarding.

Our review outlines the five best wakeboard racks in the market that could care for your storage needs. Also, our wakeboard racks buying is crafted to guide you through in making the best decision that suits your specific needs when purchasing your next wakeboard rack.

Best Wakeboard Racks

Here are our wakeboard rack reviews.

1. Pro Board Racks Wakeboard Rack

Surfboard, Wakeboard, Kiteboard Wall Rack Mount Holds 4 Boards

With this wakeboard rack from Pro Board Racks, simplicity is a virtue. It could be mounted on the wall in your room, the lobby, foyer, in the kitchen or wherever you find appealing. Due to its simple and neat design with padded 16-inch arms inclined at an angle to perfectly hold your wakeboards in place, you can watch your wakeboards on display like the trophies that they truly are.

  • Solid pine construction
  • Angled, padded arms are 16 inches
  • Holds up to 4 wakeboards (100 lbs max)
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2. StoreYourBoard Wakeboard Wall Storage Rack

Storeyourboard Wakeboard Wall Storage Rack, Metal Adjustable 4 Wakeboard And Wakesurf Mount

Simplicity and utilitarianism, evident in its excellent design and adjustable arms, are admired qualities of this wakeboard rack. The StoreYourBoard Wakeboard Wall Storage Rack is easy to set up and provides a rubber padding on the arms to protect your wakeboards from damage and scratch during storage. Although made of metal, its adjustability makes it fit to accommodate any size of wakeboards.

  • Rubber-Lined Attachments
  • Adjustable Rack System
  • Super-easy setup.
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3. StoreYourBoard Naked Wake, Wakeboard Wall Rack

Storeyourboard Naked Wake, Wakeboard Wall Rack

Perhaps you don’t have a need to store multiple wakeboards, so a single board storage rack may be a perfect fit for you. The StoreYourBoard Naked Wake is our best pick for single wakeboard storage owing to its non-conspicuous minimalist design and excellent surface finishing. Its minimalist designs make it hard to notice with the board hanging on it; thus, it feels like your wakeboard is hanging in thin air. Thrilling!

  • Anodized Aluminum Material
  • Minimalistic design
  • Very affordable
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4. Krypt Tower Polished Aluminum Kneeboard and Wakeboard Combo Tower Rack

Kneeboard Rack For Boat, Polished Aluminum Knee Board Wakeboard Combo Tower Rack, Wakeboarding Rack

The Krypt Tower Polished Aluminum Kneeboard and Wakeboard Combo Tower Rack offer more than just storing a wakeboard. As a swivel mount wakeboard rack, it is suitable for mounting on boats. Its soft rubber finger inserts and boogie clamps help to hold your wakeboard securely when moving fast across the waterways.

  • Soft Rubber Finger Inserts and Bungie Straps
  • 360 degrees swivel clamp
  • Double Polished 6061 Aluminum
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5. AXE Vulcan Wakeboard Tower Rack

Axe Vulcan Wakeboard Tower Rack

Designed to hold two wakeboards, the AXE Vulcan Wakeboard Tower Rack is a perfect option for wakeboarding duos attempting to repeatedly have collaborative summertime adventures. Its interesting design, featuring bungee straps, exudes care for your wakeboard bevels and edges ensuring that they are safely held in place during fast boat rides. The rubber inserts protect the surface of your wakeboards from scratches; thus, promoting durability.

  • Fully polished billet aluminum construction
  • Fully adjustable
  • Holds two wakeboards
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Wakeboard Rack Buying Guide

When considering your choice of a wakeboard rack, one of the necessary things to pay attention to is where you intend to fix the rack. Some wakeboard racks are tower racks that could be fixed on a boat tower to help you take your wakeboards along on a boat ride. For recreational wakeboarders that may have to store their wakeboards at home, other types of wakeboard racks are available that are designed to fit the vertical walls of your apartment.

Also, when choosing your next wakeboard rack, you should consider the construction material of the wakeboard rack. Most boards are made of aluminum which comes with excellent finishes Aluminum wakeboard racks are usually light to carry and are often sturdy and durable. Some other racks are made of wood or stainless steel. Wood designs are always artistic and may fit with the furniture in your apartment. The stainless steel made racks, on the other hand, are less durable than aluminum but can come with really great finishes.

Wakeboarding is always more interesting when you are with friends or family. So, many wakeboard racks are required to store more than one wakeboard. Choosing a wakeboard rack, you should consider the number of wakeboards that you intend to store. There are options for as much as four wakeboards hanging on the same rack. Furthermore, the sizes of your wakeboards could affect your choice of wakeboard rack because some racks are designed for smaller boards while others can accommodate bigger ones.

Because of the varying size of wakeboards, many people prefer wakeboard racks that are fully adjustable to allow adjust the forks to accommodate their wakeboards safely.

When choosing metal constructed wakeboard racks, you must ensure that the forks are covered with rubber to protect the wakeboards from scratches during storage. Although wood carved racks do not pose a severe threat of scratches, it would be necessary to opt-in for rubber covers. Extra protection may be very useful.