5 Best Wakeboards for Beginners (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Wakeboarding is a watersport in which a rider, standing on a wakeboard, is pulled behind a motorboat and rides the waves—also known as a wake—created by the boat’s movement and propellers. The rider can either enjoyably cruise behind the boat, or use the wake to perform a number of aerial manoeuvres and mid-air tricks. Wakeboarding is popular activity amongst both cottage goers and extreme water sports enthusiasts alike.

Take a look at our reviews below for some of the best wakeboards for beginners, currently on the market.

Best Wakeboards for Beginners

Here are our reviews of the best wakeboards for beginners.

1. HYPERLITE New 2020 Wakeboard Machete with Destroyer Wakeboard Bindings

Hyperlite New 2020 Wakeboard Machete With Destroyer Wakeboard Bindings Fits Most Shoe Sizes

This beginner wakeboard is designed specifically to quickly advance your skills as you progress and is top-rated for learning and practising tricks.

  • 3-stage rocker ensures a straightforward ride
  • Compatible with most shoe sizes means it’s a great choice for both teens and adults alike.
  • 2-year warranty
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2. O’Brien System Wakeboard

O'brien System Wakeboard W Clutch Bindings Mens

Made with lightweight materials for enhanced control and manoeuvrability, this beginner wakeboard is great for cruising or practicing new tricks.

  • Continuous rocker keeps the board stable
  • Dual channel from tail end to tip for easy edging
  • Constructed using high-quality materials
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3. RAVE Sports Lyric Premier Wakeboard

Rave Sports Lyric Premier Wakeboard With Advantage Boots Fits Most Adults, Orange Black (pv1802675)

Complete with solid construction and dull edges for efficient turn angles, this wakeboard was designed with determined beginners in mind.

  • Adjustable boots fit most shoe sizes
  • Durable construction
  • 3-stage rocker design allows for stability and surface tricks
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4. Hydroslide Helix Wakeboard

Hydroslide Helix Wakeboard, Green, 56 Inch (1)

This is a perfect option for beginners looking to take their tricks to the next level. Constructed using carbon material, this board is not only reinforced to last a long time, but comfortable as well.

  • Fitted with high-quality Brandon bindings to ensure a secure ride
  • 2-stage modified design
  • Forgiving design means this board is easy-to-use for novices
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5. RAVE Sports Impact Wakeboard

Rave Sports Impact Wakeboard With Charger Boots

Designed with a continuous rocker for stability, predictability and ease of control, this wakeboard offers a forgiving ride that is perfect for beginners.

  • Reinforced edges to protect the foam core
  • Adjustable boots are quick and easy to slide your feet in and out of
  • Removable fins for easy transport and storage
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Best Wakeboards for Beginners Buyer’s Guide

Wakeboarding has quickly moved up the ranks, becoming a popular watersport enjoyed recreationally by enthusiasts for leisure purposes, and by competitive athletes alike. Whether you’re an adult or teenager, if you enjoy being on the water, this sport may just be what you’re looking for.

Take a look at our buyer’s guide for some tips and common features to keep an eye out for when making your first purchase.


This phraseology refers to the extent of the curvature at both ends of the board. Beginners should keep an eye out for a board that features a continuous rocker. This ensures a smooth and predictable ride that is great for novices.


The fins on the bottom of the wakeboard are what allow the user to steer and control the wakeboard. Beginners should look for a board that features long and deep fins to ensure maximum stabilization. Short and shallow fins will allow for sharper and faster turns but are recommended for more advanced users.

Squared edges

Blunt, squared edges are an important feature for beginners. They are specifically designed to enhance the control and stability of the board, making them essential for beginners. Sharp edges are designed for acceleration and speed for advanced aerial tricks and should be sought out only by more experienced users.


As their name suggests, the bindings are the mechanism that secures the board to your boots. Beginners should look for a board that features comfortable and tight-fitting bindings to reduce the risk of any unnecessary ankle injuries.