5 Best Wakesurf Boards (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Wakesurfing is considered one of the most intriguing water sport. Notwithstanding, most wake surfers are recreational surfers. Whether you Wakesurf as a sports star or a free person practicing one of your fascinating hobbies, using one of the best Wakesurf boards is an important measure to consider. With the various Wakesurf boards available in the market today, it may be draining to find a perfect board for your surfing needs.

In this brief review, we have covered the best Wakesurf boards in the market as well as a quick buying guide to help you make the best choice while purchasing your next Wakesurf board.

Best Wakesurf Boards

Here are our wakesurf board reviews.

1. The South Bay Board 52″ Rambler Wakesurf Board

52” Wakesurf Board Premium Performance Wake Surfboard The 52 Rambler

Sometimes, enough leg space breeds confidence when surfing. With the South Bay 52” Ramber Wakesurf Board, Wakesurfers have enough leg space to stand firm over the waves and boat trails. The 52” Rambler is designed for surfers of all levels, with its flat base that makes for intriguing speed. The slim design makes it a perfect skimboard with style for wakers.

  • Polyurethane Resin Core
  • Three fixed fins thruster
  • Eva Fingerprint Textured Deck Pad
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2. CWB Ride Wakesurf Board

Cwb Connelly Ride Wakesurfer (5'2 )

The CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurfer, with its skim style setup, is a state-of-the-art design Watersurf board that fits your surfing needs. Its customizable fins make it an ideal choice for all levels of surfers; from beginners to experts. Depending on your level of surfing expertise, Connelly is designed to make surfing a super thrilling experience.

  • Customizable 1.75-inch tail fins
  • Compression-molded designs
  • Two-piece EVA pads, suitable for beginners also.
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3. Hyperlite Speedster Wakesurfer

Hyperlite Speedster Wakesurfer

With industry standard-setting materials at its core, the Hyperlite Speedster Wakesurfer is one of the lightest Wakesurf boards in the market. It has enough leg space to allow comfortable placement and its lightweight core and layered fiberglass of various weight makes it a good choice for different types of surfers; beginner to expert; light-weighted to heavy-weighted.

  • Dual concave base
  • Allows up to five fins
  • Light and durable core material
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4. ZUP Yougotthis 2.0 Watersports Board

Zup Yougotthis 2.0 Watersports Board

The re-engineering mindset of the industrial age is at its peak with the ZUP Yougotthis 2.0 Watersports Board. Its multipurpose design allows it to serve several functions including Wakesurfing, kneeboard, boogie board, and water skiing. The Yougotthis was designed with every surfer in mind irrespective of age and skill level, thus it can be used by just anyone with an interest in Wakesurfing.

  • Handgrip available
  • Roto-molded design
  • Easy to use and suitable for ALL kinds of surfers.
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5. Driftsun Rukus Wakesurf Board

Driftsun Rukus Wakesurf Board, 4ft. 6in. Custom Surf Style Wakesurfer For Intermediate To Advanced

With only intermediate and expert surfers in mind, the Driftsun Rukus Wakesurf Board is a Hybrid surf style board designed with precision and style. This 4ft-6in Wakesurf board is considered a masterpiece with its composite construction and carbon fiber vector netting. It is built with fins that sweep through the water to give surfers resounding momentum.

  • Diamond Textured EVA Pad
  • F4 fins (2 surf fins; 2 trailing fins)
  • EPS core and hand-finished epoxy
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Wakesurf Board Buying Guide

Whether you are new to Wakesurfing or you are a professional, there is always this doubt that floods the mind when you are trying to get a Wakesurf board. With this buying guide, you can make better-informed decisions when buying your next Wakesurf board.

When deciding your next Wakesurfing foot companion, the primary factor to consider is the type of board that suits your surfing needs. Basically, there are three types of Wakesurf boards, including surf style, skim style, and hybrid boards. Your choice of Wakesurf board will depend on some factors.

Surf Style Wakesurf Boards

This is the most popular type of Wakesurf board and it’s easier to purchase. This board is most accessible because of its ease of use. These surf style Wakesurf boards are designed to surf a boat’s wake with ease, pick up pace faster, easy to maneuver, and more stable. For beginners, this is the recommended style of Wakesurf board although many advanced riders enjoy using it because they find it very easy to maneuver at very high speed.

Skim Style Wakesurf Boards

If you want to have fun with stunts behind the boat then the skim style Wakesurf boards are your best option. They are designed to be far less stable than the surf style boards. This is not ideal for beginners and most advanced riders that use them find them thrilling for its instability and receptiveness to tricks. Nevertheless, they are far smaller in size than the surf style boards. This is because it is needed to slide and spin faster, which are not supported by size.

Hybrid Style Wakesurf Boards

Hybrid style boards are a perfect blend of both surf and skim style boards. They are designed to provide the stability that surf style boards offer while at the same time, allowing you to pull your magical stunts out. Although most beginners are very comfortable with surf style boards, the hybrid is a good option for long term Wakesurfing goals.