5 Best Wakesurf Shapers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A smooth Wakesurfing experience is brought about by a perfect wave generated by the pulling boat. Unfortunately, the ideal wave that provides fantastic Wakesurfing experiences is not generated on default and surfers need a prop, a Wakesurf shaper to help generate an excellent wave.

Over time, there have been varieties of Wakesurf makers in the market and our review presents the best Wakesurf shapers that you can consider using to enjoy your time at the lake this summer. A buying guide follows to help you pay attention to the right factors when buying a Wakesurf maker.

Best Wakesurf Shapers

Here are our wakesurf shaper reviews.

1. SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wakesurf Shaper

Swell Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper Wave Generator Floating Durable &

As Wakesurfing demands a wide trail, the SWELL Wakesurf Creator Wavesurf Shaper is designed to double the wave generated by your boat so that the surfer behind can enjoy his time on the boats wake. This Wakesurf shaper, designed with the Suction technology, is without Velcro and is easy to attach and remove from your boat.

  • Works On All Inboards
  • Marine Grade Materials
  • High-Performance Suction Cups
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2. Mission Boat Gear Echo Wake Surf Shaper Solution

Mission Boat Gear Echo Wake Surf Shaper Solution

Being one of the best options for budget buyers, the Mission Boat Gear Echo Wake Surf Shaper is constructed with cross-linked, closed-cell foam making it durable and light to carry. For this reason, also, it produces excellent waves that allow for an amazing Wakesurfing experience without affecting the performance of the boat. Its HyLoft Suction Cups makes it possible to attach seamlessly to the boat on the steep side instead of the usual flat surface attachment of other Wakesurf shapers.

  • HyLoft Suction Cups
  • Built with cross-linked, closed-cell foam
  • Highly affordable.
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3. WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator – Wake Surf Shaper – Wave Generator

Wake 10 Wakesurf Creator Wake Surf Shaper Wave Generator

For people looking to create a rideable wave for beginners and experts alike, the WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator is a perfect choice. With the wave from this Wakesurf shaper, beginners can build confidence quickly and advanced surfers can perform their tricks with ease. Attaching and detaching this Wavesurf shaper is super easy with its Industrial Strength Suction Cup Technology.

  • Industrial Strength Suction Cup Technology
  • Single piece solid body injection
  • Compatible with almost all Inboard Boats
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4. Mission Boat Gear Delta Wake Surf Shaper Solution

Mission Boat Gear Delta Wake Surf Shaper Solution

Specifically designed to save space and conserve fuel consumption, the Mission Boat Gear Delta Wake Surf Shaper Solution adds the extra turbulence required to create the perfect wave for an amazing Wakesurfing experience. With a singular lofted suction cup, attachment and detachment on both flat and curved surfaces pose no challenge. Also, its ease of use and no-tool installation quality makes it possible for almost anybody to use it effectively.

  • Higher Power Suction Cups
  • Contoured front panel with side vents
  • Small size and space-saving.
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5. Tidal Wake XLR8 Wake Surf Shaper

Tidal Wake Xlr8 Wake Surf Shaper Wake Surfing Wave Maker Solution Wakesurf Creator Wake Genera

Both skim and surf riders may find this Wakesurf shaper useful because it provides the wave that every wakeboarder dreams. The Tidal Wake XLR8 Wake Surf Shaper is designed to rather direct the water instead of deflecting it to create a wide and orderly wave in its wake. Installation is as easy as it can get with its strong suction cup that allows for easy attaching and detaching on board or from the water.

  • Strongest suction cups on the market
  • 180-degree rotation lanyard
  • Unique and patented design
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Wakesurf Shapers Buying Guide

If you are trying to get a new Wakesurf shaper then you must pay attention to a couple of relevant features to make sure that you receive the best product for your money. Some of the important factors to consider include durability, attachment/installation mechanism, water channeling, size, and buoyancy.


When buying a wake surf shaper, we advise that you review the construction material because it significantly determines its durability. Endeavor to purchase wake shapers that are made of marine grade and industrial grade materials since they are tested and believed to withstand the pressure of rough water.

Attachment and Installation Mechanism

You wouldn’t want to spend too much time installing a new Wakesurf maker on your boat. Many times, it is advisable to go for the products with no-tool installation features since they require no deep technical skills to set up.

Attachment mechanism should also get your attention. There are situations where you wouldn’t want to get immersed in the water, so getting a shaper that can be attached and detached easily while you are on the boat is a good choice. Nevertheless, there are other options that allow attachment from both onboard and off.

The level of adhesion is directly proportional to the strength of the suction cup. Stronger suction cups can hold the shaper in position through some of the roughest water rides. Thus, stealing a peek on the strength of the suction cup will help you make a better purchase decision.

Water Channeling

The real essence of the Wakesurf shaper is to channel the water in a proper way that aids a fantastic Wakesurfing experience. Understanding the different waves that suit the different styles of Wakesurfing is important in making a good buying decision. Skim-style riders and surf style riders are required to ride on varying for optimum performance.

Some Wakesurf shapers deflect water while others direct the water to create the desired wave. You should take a moment to research which of these shapers generates the wave that suits your recreational needs.


Although Wakesurf shapers with very strong suction cups have fewer chances of falling off, buying a shaper that floats on water can save you from the eventualities that come with using a non-buoyant shaper because if a detached shaper sinks, it signals the end of the day’s excitement and some extra cost for a new purchase.


Most boats, small boats especially, do not offer the space luxury that most people dream of. So, buying a big size Wakesurf shaper that takes off more space from you prior to attachment to the boat is not very welcoming to most boaters. So, considering a smaller sized shaper among the best Wakesurf shapers in the market will be a no-brainer.