5 Best Water Shoes for Swimming (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Water shoes for swimming are the ideal footwear when heading to the pool or beachside. They are designed to take serious splashes while keeping your feet comfy and well protected. The very best water shoes for swimming should be lightweight, durable, stylishly designed, dry quickly, and have great traction.

Best Water Shoes for Swimming

Some of the best water shoes for swimming have been selected and their features discussed below.

1. Nortiv 8 Men’s Water Shoes

Nortiv 8 Men's Water Shoes

The Nortiv 8 shoes come in ten different color designs in order to suit your personal taste, and they are very suitable for swimming. The shoe material is flexible, lightweight, and the rubber sole provides high traction to prevent slipping. It has a speed lace system and a stretchy material that allows a proper, tight fit.

  • The shoes are durable and slip-resistant.
  • Color options include dark blue, army green, light green, and orange.
  • The shoes have an attractive-looking design.
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2. Speedo Women’s Water Shoes

Speedo Women's Water Shoes

These shoes sport a collar made from Neoprene and this makes wearing and taking off the shoes to be quite easy. The mesh structure ensures that the shoes get ventilated properly and speeds up the whole drying process. It is made from textile material, and it has a high-grade synthetic sole.

  • It is affordable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Mesh structure allows for comfy fit.
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3. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

Crocs Men's Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

These remarkable sandals are from the reputable Crocs brand, and they have a composition that is 100% textile. The mesh structure of these sandals is comfortable, and there is a pull-on loop behind each heel. Combined with its hook-and-loop strap and protective toe cap, the Crocs Swiftwater sandals are one of the best water shoes for swimming.

  • There are four different color options.
  • It has a synthetic sole.
  • There is a perfect fit when worn.
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4. Nike Aqua Sock 360

Nike Aqua Sock 360

Like many shoes on this list, the Nike Aqua Sock 360 is made from a fabric material, and it is available in both men’s and women’s sizing. It sports a proper synthetic sole, and it was specifically created for use in or around water. The upper section is made from a durable mesh material.

  • It has more than one design option.
  • It has a foam heel clip.
  • The design is good-looking and eye-catching.
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5. Zhuanglin Women’s Water Shoes

Zhuanglin Women's Water Shoes

With 90% of its composition made from a fabric material, this Zhuanglin product stands out as one of the best water shoes for swimming. It has a Solyte midsole that is extremely light and has a remarkable bounce-back feature. The Water Grip outsole provides traction and prevents slipping on wet surfaces.

  • The shoes are very durable.
  • The mesh structure allows for proper ventilation.
  • The shoes dry very quickly.
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Water Shoes for Swimming Buying Guide

Whether heading to the pool or beachside, a water shoe for swimming is an essential part of your gear and will give you the protection and comfort you need both in and out of the water, while keeping your feet stylish. They are designed to take some serious splashing and will be ready for your feet again in the shortest time, thanks to their quick drying.

We have reviews the best water shoes for swimming on the market based on their specified features and customer feedback to give you the best options to choose from. Now we will take it a step further and outline the qualities you should be on the lookout for in any water shoe for swimming you are considering before you make a purchase.


The material of your water shoes for swimming is a very important consideration to make. The material plays an important role in the flexibility, durability, and comfort of your water shoes. Since you will be in and around water, your water shoes should handle splashes or complete immersion without any problem. Water shoes are usually made from soft rubber, synthetic fabric, or a combination of the two. Rubber is completely water-resistant, while synthetic fabrics absorb water to a very small extent and thus dry very quickly.

It is always a great idea to avoid water shoes made from organic fabrics like cotton as these soak up water and will take too long to dry.

Comfort and Fit

Any water shoes for swimming you are getting must be extremely comfortable. As you’ll walking around in them or even taking a dip, your water shoes for swimming should be just the right size – not too tight to cause discomfort or pain, and not too loose that you’ll struggle to keep them on. Always refer to size guidelines for the best choice.

The material should be slightly flexible so it hugs your feet comfortably. This is also essential to good thermal protection.

Breathability and Drying Time

Another important quality you want to look out for is high breathability. Your water shoe should allow infiltrated water to drain out easily and should be breathable so you don’t get sweaty feet. To achieve this, many water shoes come with holes on the top and sides as in rubber shoes, or a meshed hood in fabric shoes. The more breathable your water shoes are, the quicker they’ll dry as water can flow out easily and air can infiltrate better.


The soles of your water shoes for swimming also need special attention. If you’ll be hanging out at the pool, the wet surface of the pool side poses the ever-present danger of slipping and falling. To avoid this, your water shoes should come with a high-grip sole for the best traction. The soles of water shoes for swimming will usually be made from rubber and should have a ribbed or rough surface, so your feet stay grounded and don’t send you flying in a dangerous or otherwise funny manner from a slip.