5 Best Water Ski Ropes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Water skiing has been around for a long time, being one of the first leisure, water tow-sports. It is a sport enjoyed recreationally by cottage-goers and competitive athletes alike. Depending on your sense of adventure, you can comfortably cruise the wake or use it as a ramp to propel yourself into the air where various aerial tricks can be performed.

Take a look below at our reviews of some of the best ropes currently on the market for all levels of experience.

Best Water Ski Ropes

Here are our reviews of the best water ski ropes.

1. RAVE 1-Section Promo Ski Rope

Rave 1 Section Promo Ski Rope

This water ski rope from Rave, is perfect for beginners. When not in use, secure it with the included rope keeper to avoid and knots and tangles.

  • 12-inch rubber, non-slip handle
  • 1,500lb tensile strength
  • UV-treated and pre-stretched
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2. Full Throttle Aluminum Handle Ski Rope

Full Throttle Aluminum Handle Ski Rope 1 Section, 75 Feet (red)

This rope is built to last, including a nearly indestructible aluminum handle. The rope is buoyant and bright red meaning it floats and can easily be spotted in the water.

  • Rounded end caps
  • 1,750lb tensile strength
  • Floating handle
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3. Airhead Water Ski Rope with Diamond Grip Handle

Airhead Water Ski Rope With Diamond Grip Handle, 8 Section (75')

This water ski rope has an 8-section design that allows for quick and easy length adjustments to suit any rider’s preference.

  • Textured handle for non-slip grip
  • Handle has double aluminum core for extra strength
  • 1,600lb tensile strength
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4. AIRHEAD Ski Rope, Double Handle

Airhead Ski Rope, Double Handle

This rope is a great choice for any riders who enjoy the freedom to move their hands independently while cruising or performing tricks.

  • Tractor grip and 4-inch finger guards
  • Rope keeper included for easy storage
  • Perfect for beginners
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5. AIRHEAD Ski Rope, Rubber Handle

Airhead Ski Rope, Rubber Handle, 1 Section

This inexpensive water ski rope is about as basic as they come. Designed to last, this quality rope should easily hold up for a few seasons.

  • Wide and spacious handle
  • Rope keeper included for easy storage
  • Made with the highest quality materials
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Water Ski Rope Buyer’s Guide

As with any new endeavour, if you want to have an enjoyable, successful experience, you’ll need to have the right equipment.  Water skiing is no exception to the rule. A quality water skiing rope is a key component of the sport that can make—or break— your experience.

Take a look at our buyer’s guide for some tips and features to keep an eye out for when making your purchase.

The Rope:


A one-piece rope is recommended for beginners. However, a rope that is sectioned—for shortening or lengthening, depending on experience level— is recommended for more advance users. If you choose to go for a sectioned rope, look for a color-coded option for ease of use.

Whichever option you choose to go with, it should be at least 70-75 feet.

Rope characteristics

Look for a polypropylene rope that is durable and at least ¼-inch thick. This will ensure roughly 800lbs of tensile strength. You also will want a little bit of elasticity, as it can act as a shock absorber.

Make sure that the rope you have your eye on has been tested for a breaking strength above 800lbs.

The Handles:


Look for an aluminum handle wrapped in rubber for a non-slip grip. A floating handle is also a good choice, as you don’t want to spend time searching below the surface every time you bail.

Finger guards

Finger guards are highly recommended as they act as a buffer between your hands and the aluminum handle, making it impossible for the rope to pinch your fingers.


If you are a beginner who has trouble getting into the starting position, then a wide-handle will be your best bet. Once you have mastered the getting onto your feet part, you’ll want to keep your handles as small as possible.