5 Best Water Skis (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Water skiing is an interest option to spice up summertimes at the beach, it is considered one of the top activities witnessed at the various beaches. Because of its high-level engagement, choosing the right water ski to give you a competitive edge (or at least to show off your skills) is a crucial step that should be taken with adequate knowledge.

Due to the superfluous information available for any topic, we have compiled a review of the best water skis that would send your summer adventures to its peak. Our review features the very best water skis as well as a buying guide to help you navigate your purchase options seamlessly.

Best Water Skis

Here are our water ski reviews.

1. O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis

O'brien Reactor Combo Water Skis

The O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate skiers owing to its meticulous design featuring a V-bottom to enhance stability and easy cuts. The big size allows for a relaxed water skiing experience as well as avoiding overwhelming speed. Learning with the O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis is interestingly easy especially.

  • V-Bottom Design
  • Front Lacing Design
  • Floating Tongue
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2. RAVE Sports Pure Combo Water Skis

Rave Sports Pure Combo Water Skis


The RAVE Sports Pure Combo Water Skis decided to bring the mountain skiing experience to the waterways with its state-of-the-art design that allows easy start, easy control, and smart responses. With the in-house Advanced Profile Technology, this water ski is built to take recreational skiing to a whole new level.

  • Closed-cell polyurethane resin core
  • Acrylam base
  • Recreational glass flex sequence
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3. Airhead S-1400 Wide Body Combo Skis

Airhead S 1400 Wide Body Combo Skis

The Airhead S-1400 Wide Body Combo Skis is one of the best water skis in the market suitable for all levels of skiers; from beginners to pros. It’s designed with both speed and stability in mind while, at the same time, allows for super-responsive turnings. The Airhead Binding, accompanying this fabulous ski, is a weightless, versatile binding that suits both beginners and advanced skiers taking their performance to the peak.

  • Adjustable Carve fin
  • A softer flex and increased rocker
  • Small defined bevels
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4. Connelly Quantum Waterski

Connelly Quantum Waterski

Between the swift edges of this foam-made waterski is the intense stability that every skier yearns for. The Connelly Quantum Waterski is suitable for running the course and perform in open water. Not to be reckoned with, this ski is spiced with a touch of modern-day technology with an install chip to connect your ski to your smartphone making it easy to track skiing information and records.

  • PMI core
  • Textreme Carbon reinforcement
  • CorFlex Corrugated contours.
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5. AIRHEAD S-1300 Combo Skis

Airhead S 1300 Combo Skis

Every great adventure has a start, a reason why the AIRHEAD S-1300 Combo Skis was specifically designed to make an easy start for skiers with its wide width construction. With the quest for an easy start is a hunger for stability; thus, this ski features a combination of blast combo and V-bottom to enhance stability and heighten the excitement on the water surface.

  • V-Bottom Design
  • Equipped with Horseshoe Bindings
  • Wide Combo shape
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Water Skis Buying Guide

Deciding on the type of water ski to buy when planning to enjoy the summertime at the beach can become a significant problem. Among many concerns of skiers, the perfect water ski for summertime could be at the top and with the countless designs in the market, it has never been more difficult to make a perfect purchase.

When choosing a water ski, it’s most advised that you pay attention to a few important features, which among others include the water ski main material, edge angles, and bottom shape.

Main Material

All water skis have a foam core which could most likely be PMI or polyurethane foam. This is used to keep the ski afloat. Following this foam core, some skis are covered with fiberglass while others may be covered with carbon or graphite to enhance durability and stability. Thereafter, it is finished with an epoxy resin for smoothness and speed. Choosing the material that suits your skiing style would be very helpful. Usually, carbon and fiberglass make for better skiing experiences.

Edge Angles

The edges of water skis are curved at varying angles. These angles are needed for making turns and maintaining control of the water ski. With smaller edge angle water skis that are recommended for professional skiers, improved control compensates for the reduced stability. Beginners and intermediate skiers are advised to use water skis with a broader edge angle to stay stable on the water surface.

Bottom Shape

Our most recommended water ski bottom shape is the V-bottom which is shaped like the bottom of a boat allowing proper displacement of water, stability, effective control. Other bottom shapes that may interest skiers include full concave and tunnel concave. Both of these bottom shapes look similar with the differences only evident at the edges. The tunnel concave water skis are flatter at the edges making it more difficult to control than the full concave.