5 Best Wetsuits (Reviews Updated 2022)

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When it comes to ‘dressing for the occasion’, wetsuits are to the water sports enthusiast as a gun is to a foot soldier. Whether it’s for surfing above water or taking a dive, you don’t want to be bringing knives to a gunfight with your naked body, or a poor quality wetsuit. The right wetsuit will fit your body like a glove, keep you warm, and grant you excellent mobility as you venture into the water.

Best Wetsuits

To help you save some shopping time, we have compiled a list of our top five wetsuits from which we are sure you’ll find a product that suits your needs and style, and falls within your budget.

1. NeoSport Wetsuits Men’s Premium

Neosport Wetsuits Men's Premium

The Neosport Wetsuit is made from 5mm thick neoprene and sports an anatomical design for a comfortable snug fit. It boasts of superior thermal protection in the coldest waters and is spot-taped for high strength at stress points. It also comes with knee pads for extra protection and grants excellent mobility for easy maneuvering.

  • Superior thermal protection and snug fit.
  • Highly durable and stress-resistant.
  • Excellent mobility and mechanical protection
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2. O’Neill Men’s Reactor II

O'neill Men's Reactor Ii

O’Neill is reputable for great products and the Men’s Reactor holds high the company name with great value for money and beginner-friendliness. It is highly adaptable to a host of water sports, sports a back zipper for easy entry, and is highly durable. It is very soft for the most comfort and stretches easily to ensure a snug fit.

  • Great for beginners and highly affordable.
  • Easy to wear and highly durable.
  • Comfortable, snug fit with good thermal protection.
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3. Hyperflex 3mm Full Body Wetsuit

Hyperflex 3mm Full Body Wetsuit

The Hyperflex full-body wetsuit comes with 3mm neoprene for the best thermal protection and grants excellent mobility for a wide range of water sports. It is designed for and an anatomical fit on both men and women, superior durability, and the most comfort. Its knee pads boost comfort without sacrificing mobility while it grants easy entry with a back zipper.

  • Excellent thermal protection and durability.
  • Good mobility and comfort.
  • Easy entry and snug fit for both men and women.
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4. Lemorecn Men’s Wetsuits

Lemorecn Men’s Wetsuits

The Lemorecn Men’s Wetsuit features high-grade neoprene designed to combine high-stress performance and comfort in a wide range of water sports. It offers a good balance between thermal protection and flexibility, is highly durable, and is very to the feel. The wetsuit also comes with extra features like knee pads, a long leash, and sports a rear zipper for easy entry.

  • Comfortable and highly durable.
  • Superior thermal protection and flexibility.
  • Easy entry and extra protection knee pads.
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5. REALON Wetsuit Men 3mm Full Suit

Realon Spearfishing Wetsuit 3mm 5mm Mens Diving Suit 7mm Full Hoodie Camo Scuba Wet Suit

The REALON Wetsuit is designed for the most flexibility and mobility and is neutrally buoyant in water. It features a full-body style design for great thermal protection and is a great choice for different water sports. The series comes with different designs for both men and women, is easy to wear with a rear zipper, and comes in different colors for great variety.

  • Great flexibility and neutral buoyancy.
  • Excellent thermal protection and adaptable to different water sports.
  • Great variety and easy to wear.
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Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

If you’ll swimming in warm or calm waters, you can get by with just swimming trunks or a bikini for a good while. However, for high-impact sports, colder waters, and deep dives, a wetsuit becomes necessary to grant you all the protection you need.

Our buying guide reviews the best wetsuits on the market based on their specified features and customer feedback to help streamline your options. We also guide you in your purchase as we outline the factors you should consider when pitching a wetsuit against another to ensure you make the best choice.


Wetsuits are your clothes for water sports and the material used to make them is the first consideration to make. Neoprene and lycra are the most common materials you’ll see in a wetsuit. Neoprene is valued as it provides excellent thermal insulation and waterproofing with minimal thickness. It uses air bubbles embedded in its spongy profile to trap body heat and prevent it from being lost to the water.

Neoprene is also exceptionally durable and decently flexible. Lycra is another great product for wetsuits. Even though not as inert as neoprene, it is exceptionally elastic and thus ensures a snug fit. If you want the most mobility without sacrificing UV protection, then lycra wetsuits are a great buy.


Another of the most important considerations to make when choosing a wetsuit is its thickness. The thickness of your wetsuit will determine how well it conserves your body heat. In general, wetsuits can sit anywhere between 1.5mm in thickness to as high as 7mm in thickness. The colder the waters you’ll be swimming or diving in, the thicker your wetsuit should be.

Some wetsuits also come with varying thicknesses that are thinner around the joints for improved mobility. For the appropriate wetsuit thickness per temperature, there are available charts you can use.

Comfort and Fit

If no other part of your gear has to comfortable, surely your wetsuit has to be. The ideal wetsuit should hug your body like a glove without being too tight or constrictive. This is where variable-thickness wetsuits shine. As you’ll likely have them on throughout the day, the material should also be very skin-friendly. Some wetsuits also come with padded knees and elbows for extra protection and a comfy feel.


The seal of your wetsuit becomes important when you will be swimming in colder waters. Wetsuits are either stitched, glued, or taped, or a combination of two or three of those. For warmer waters, flat and overlock stitches are ideal as they allow water infiltration that won’t be a problem for thermal protection. Glued and stitched, and taped seals, are designed to minimize water infiltration as much as possible. This becomes necessary for cold waters as infiltrated water will carry away body heat and defeat the purpose of the wetsuit.