5 Best Windsurfing Boards (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Windsurfing is a highly popular activity in which a person uses for force of the wind to surf along water. It is a skill which takes some time to perfect but is great fun in the process. Windsurfing boards are made specifically for windsurfing and help to encourage correct technique while a person is learning to windsurf.

Best Windsurfing Board Reviews

Here are our Windsurfing Board reviews.

1. Giantex Foamie Board with Removable Fins

Giantex 6' Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board With Removable Fins, Great Beginner (1)

The Giantex Foamie Board with Removable Fins is a great deal on a quality windsurfing board for beginners and novices. This windsurfing board is constructed of soft foam with a strong EPS core. Included with this product are removable bolt fins.

  • Smart design
  • Soft WBS-IXL (water barrier skin) top deck
  • High density polyethylene slick bottom skin
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2. Pelican –Hardshell Board

Pelican Sup Hardshell Stand Up Paddleboard Lightweight Board With A Bottom Fin For Paddling, N

The Pelican- Hardshell Board is an all-around great quality beginner windsurfing board. This piece of equipment is available in seven different color designs. It comes with three removable performance fins for stability in the water.

  • Dual stringers included
  • 84 inches x 22 inches dimensions
  • Durable and robust
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3. Ocean Rodeo Origin 3.0 Kiteboard

Ocean Rodeo Origin 3.0 Kiteboard

The Ocean Rodeo Origin 3.0 Kiteboard is a top-of-the-line beginner’s windsurfing board. This product is designed in a way to make it suitable for all ages. It features fingerprint textured wax free design for ultimate control.

  • 8ft 8 inches in length
  • HPDE bottom deck with impact dispersing net
  • Fiberglass rod stringer
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4. Streakboard Inflatable Board

Streakboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing Sup Boards, No Slip Deck 6 Inches Thick Isup Bo

The Streakboard Inflatable Board is a durable beginner windsurfing board available in three different color designs. This board is designed with free leash and transaction pad which is comfortable and convenient to use. With this board, beginners can enjoy a wonderful surfing experience.

  • Made of durable top foam and slick HDPE high speed bottom
  • Fish tail provides the board with more traction
  • Removable fins make for easy transportation
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5. Goplus Soft Top Board

Goplus 5'5 Surfboard, Soft Top Surf Board, Lightweight Bodyboard Surfing Foamie Board With 3 Remova (1)

The Goplus Soft Top board provides wonderful surfing experiences for beginners. This board features three fine and a fish tailed design for flexibility and stability to accommodate a variety of wave conditions.

  • Includes leash & wrist rope
  • Made from XPE which is tear resistant
  • Light weight design ideal for beginners
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Windsurfing Board Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right beginner’s windsurfing board is an important choice as it will impact the learning process of a person who wants to get into surfing. Prices range from $200-$500, but this amount of money is well worth investing when you consider the usage someone can get out of a windsurfing board, and they years of fun they can have once the techniques have been learned. Surfing is a great social hobby and therefore choosing the right board to introduce someone to the sport is important.

Our buying guide reviews the best windsurfing boards on the market so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right lock for your motor.  The following are common details to consider which feature on most windsurfing boards and will help you to choose the perfect one for you.

Special features

Some windsurfing boards will have removable fins which may be attaché by bolts and are designed to make the board more streamline. Ankle leashes are a useful add-on to a windsurfing board because they prevent the board from being carried away by the water.


Depending on the age and size of the person who will be using the windsurfing board, the board itself will need to have particular dimensions. If the board is too big or small this may result in balance being thrown off and therefore the beginner may not enjoy the experience, so it’s a good idea to check the measurements before purchasing to ensure that their first taste of surfing is a positive, enthralling experience.


The top of a windsurfing board need to be soft and cushioned so that it is comfortable for the beginner to learn on. Soft foam construction is often used for this result. The core of a windsurfing board needs to be strong, so materials such as EPS are used commonly. Polyethylene is also used for the bottom of the windsurfing board as this provides a slick finish.


Windsurfing boards come in a wide variety of looks and designs. Some are printed with flamboyant patterns which make the surfer stand out on the beach. Others are more understated with simple designs. This of course depends on personal preference of the surfer.