Can A Pontoon Boat Sink?

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You might not be familiar with the name of a pontoon, but you must have an idea of what a recreational boat is. A pontoon boat is specially designed for recreational purposes. The boat moves at a slower speed than the speed of traditional boats. Therefore, these boats have an additional pontoon device to provide extra buoyancy to keep the boat afloat. One of the most exciting questions is that under any circumstance, can a pontoon boat sink?

The answer is ‘No.’ A pontoon boat cannot sink.

Why can’t a pontoon boat sink?

Pontoon boats are designed in such a way that they can’t sink unless in a scarce situation. The design contains airtight chambers; these chambers’ only function is to provide buoyancy to pontoon boats, and the air-filled chambers act like a mooring buoy which keeps the boat afloat all the time.

When can a pontoon boat sink?

Although it is improbable that a pontoon boat might sink, if you’re unfortunate enough, your pontoon might sink to an extent and not completely. Pontoon boats can sink when the tubes are severely damaged and punctured. Even after one of the tubes gets filled with water, the other tube will provide enough buoyancy to keep the boat afloat. So, you should put some thought into these towable tubes so that these can last for a long time.

What are the necessary precautions for the pontoon boat passengers?

Be aware when the waves are wild. Pontoon boats are designed to sail at a slow speed. Therefore, unlike v-shaped boats, pontoon boats might not welcome the wave storm. It is better to keep away from the high waves in such situations because pontoons tend to go into the waves and not over them.

It is necessary to have the following items as safety measures before planning to go on a pontoon boat:

  • Charged mobile phone. In case you’re in an emergency and need help. You can also keep VHF radio
  • Enough food and water.
  • Life jackets and PFDs. However, it is infrequent that a pontoon boat might sink. Your safety and security should be the priority. All the non-swimmers should wear life jackets all the time while on such a boat.
  • Battery torch or a flashlight
  • Extra rope

Is it safe to take kids on pontoon boats?

According to the US Coastguards, babies that weigh less than 18 pounds are not allowed on board. Parents should take special care of their infants and not bring them on pontoon boats as they will not wear a PFD or a swimming aid.

Five ways to make pontoon boats fun for kids:

  1. Pontoon boats are the perfect boats to take your kids and dogs. Make sure that they wear life jackets.
  2. Bring play dough. Your kids will enjoy pontooning while they have their favorite toys.
  3. Explain all the safety rules to them. Therefore, you can easily enjoy too while keeping an eye on them.
  4. Some kids might face motion sickness. Keep peppermint with you so that your kid does not miss any fun activity.
  5. A pontoon movie time would be perfect for you and your family