Can You Pull an Inner Tube Behind a Pontoon Boat?

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The balloon-like inner tube is an air-filled cushion that lets you have a very good time on the water with your loved ones. It features a valve which ensures a safe ride for people of all ages on water. The inner tubes for the water sport of tubing are made of fine quality butyl rubber.

If you are a proud owner of a Pontoon boat, a question might come to your mind whether your Pontoon boat can haul an inner tube at the back of it or not. Well, the answer is “yes.” But it depends on several factors such as horsepower, the weight of the boat, capacity, weight of the persons sitting on the inner tube, and so on.

How much horsepower will you need to pull an inner tube?

For inflatable tubing activity, you don’t need a very high horse-powered engine. A 15 HP outboard motor or 20 HP outboard motor will serve your purpose for pulling an inner tube at the back of a pontoon boat. If your pontoon boat is capable of attaining a high speed, the tubing experience will be much more delightful for the riders. If you get a high horse-powered motor, it will be a piece of cake for you to operate your pontoon boat at 20 miles per hour. You can scale up the horsepower up to 115 HP for carrying around four people at a time on your inner tube.

How to pull an inner tube behind your pontoon boat?

Proper equipment

For the water sport of tubing, you need to keep a few life jackets, towable tubes, and ropes on your pontoon boat. Always ask the riders to wear life jackets while they sit on the inner tube. For children, PFD would be good.

Attach the tow rope

Once your rider is prepared for tubing, you need to start the boat engine at a low speed initially. Hire a spotter to keep an eye on the rider on the inner tube. This way, there will be no chance of the riders falling off the tube and hurting themselves. The spotter also fastens the tow rope tightly to the inner tube and the stern of the pontoon boat.

Safety precautions

The riders should know about the safety hand signals so that they can communicate with the boat operators while riding.

How to keep the tow rope out of water when riding on an inner tube?

Sometimes, the tow ropes get submerged in water. The ropes remain underwater during the big turns on the water especially. This can result in a number of accidents such as jerking, imbalance on the part of the inner tube rider, etc. So, to evade this problem, the distance between the inner tube and the pontoon boat should be properly maintained. Not only this, but the boat operators should also drive the boat at a steady speed.

Now that you know how easy it is to pull an inner tube behind a pontoon boat, you can take your children out for a fun ride. We are quite certain that one inner tube ride won’t be enough for your kids.