Do pontoon boats have toilets or bathrooms?

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Pontoon boats are specially designed for recreational purposes. Since people spend more time on a pontoon than on a traditional boat, you must be wondering how do they attend to nature’s call? Well, the availability of a toilet or bathroom on a pontoon depends on the boat’s level of luxury. Most of the pontoons have marine toilets, while the smaller pontoons do not have one.

We will now dive deeper into this topic and further discuss the various pontoon models with and without a bathroom.

Which pontoon models have a bathroom onboard?

If your pontoon is expensive and has all the luxuries such as a club or spa, then your pontoon is likely to have a bathroom as well. Following is a list of pontoons that have a toilet on board-:

Harris V270

The Harris V270 is endowed with various luxuries, and it is also a tritoon. This tritoon looks more like a speedboat. With a spacious length of 270 feet, the boat has a well-equipped bathroom and toilet. The shower also has a hot water facility so that you don’t have to use cold water on board.

Southland Pontoon Boats

This pontoon boat will not make you feel like you’re outside your home. It is similar to apartments anywhere else on land. This pontoon has a luxurious bathroom and a large, well-facilitated kitchen, a dining room, and sleeping quarters.

Sun Tracker Regency Edition

If you’re looking for an affordable boat with a bathroom, this is the one for you. With complete privacy, this pontoon boat also provides a changing locker room for your convenience. The boat has two tanks that hold about 6 gallons of waste and freshwater. Although this pontoon boat does not offer high horsepower engines, it can be transformed into a sleeper for overnight camping.

Southland Mistral

This pontoon boat does not come with an in-built bathroom. But if you want a bathroom or toilet on board, you need to get in touch with your boat dealer. The addition of a portable toilet may cost you some extra bucks. The Southland Mistral has a lot of layout arrangements. Therefore you can place the portable toilet at your convenience.

Premier 310 Dodici

The boat does not come with an inbuilt toilet; instead, it has a washbasin with running water. You can install a portable bathroom on board as the boat has a lot of layout space.

What are the different types of portable toilets for a pontoon boat?


This is a portable toilet that can be installed on your pontoon. It has 2.5 gallons of fresh water and 5.3 gallons of wastewater. It has also had a solid and sturdy construction.

Party Saving Portable Toilet

It does not require an external connection. This toilet contains separate fresh water and a wastewater tank.

The other portable toilets are Thetford portable toilet and Palmstring Portable toilet. Pontoon boats are ideal for swimming in shallow water, so you can keep a few swimming towels in these marine toilets.