How Do They Count Crab On Deadliest Catch And Not Go Over Quota?

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If you have ever watched an episode of The Deadliest Catch, you must be surprised how they keep the crab count? Is there a fixed number of crab counts given to the deck crew? What is the ideal crab count for a season? Today we will see how the deadliest profession of catching crab keeps a count of the crabs.

  • First, they pull the fishing net and collect all the crabs. Then, the total collected crabs are put together on a sorting table.
  • The only crabs that are counted are keepers.
  • A big holding tank has all the keepers.
  • The female crabs and the smaller ones are put back into the water.

Why are female crabs and smaller ones put back in the water?

As soon as the deckhands find out that a crab is smaller in size in the fishing basket, it is immediately thrown back into the water. The deckhands do the same with female crabs. Have you ever wondered why? Female crabs are put back into the water because they might be carrying eggs. The female blue crabs are easily identifiable with rounded aprons on undersides. One of the most important reasons female crabs are put back into the water is that females crabs only mate once during their lifetime. After mating, they produce three to four batches of eggs in the next few years after they mate. Therefore, if you eat a female crab, you will inflict harm on the potential of crab reproduction.

How does the crab pot work?

The crab-catching pot is made up of solid steel bars. They’re very durable and strong enough to carry many crabs at once, even in a very bad situation. Each crab pot weighs around 750 pounds. This includes the web and the bars. There is also an additional 50 pounds of line and buoys present in a pot. Therefore the deckhands are highly trained workers who know how to handle the pots. For each crab species, there are different crab pots.

What are the steps involved in counting crabs?

There must be a question in your mind since crab self-amputate to protect themselves; therefore, while they catch crabs, there are only legs and claws visible. How is it then possible to keep count of the crabs? After sorting the female and small crabs, the crab pot is then kept on a table. The deckhands use a stick to identify whether a crab is a mature male. This can also be done through experience and sight. The perfect crabs are called keepers; they are collected in a holding tank. This procedure is time taking. The carb count is then informed to the captain. An average weight per crab is measured. Through this process, they can understand the number of crabs they have. This is the only possible way to keep a count of crabs.

For crab fishing, one should choose a boat, which has plenty of deck area. Not only this, but for crab fishing trips, you will need a powerful floodlight for the fishing boat so that you can fish during the night also.