How long are pontoon boats? How are pontoon boats measured?

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Pontoon boats are pretty common in American waters these days. Every other day, people are buying a purposeful pontoon boat for their personal use. These boats are available in multiple sizes, and that is why almost every potential boat buyer asks about how they can measure a pontoon boat.

If you are trying to measure a pontoon boat with your measuring tape, you should keep one end on the front of the boat and the other end at the rear tubes’ back. Decks are the longest part of such boats, and the deck alone can be around 20 feet long. The overall length of pontoon boats is approximately 22 feet. In some cases, pontoon boats can be as long as 27 feet.

Why does one need to know about the length of the pontoon boat?

Boat enthusiasts try to know about the measurement of their pontoon boats to determine the room available on the deck. In some cases, for deciding on the storage area, people measure their pontoon boat. The trailer always needs to be three to four feet longer than the actual size of the boat. Suppose your boat is 24 feet long; in that case, the minimum trailer length should be 27 feet. Some people measure the length of pontoon boats while thinking of selling these boats.

Measuring a Pontoon boat

A pontoon boat has multiple parts, and so the measurement will be different for your pontoon boat depending on the technique.

LOA or Length overall

Here, one measures the distance between the furthest fore and the apt points of the back. Generally, people keep motors away from the LOA measurement. In simple words, LOA represents the maximum length of the boat.

Length of the deck

Most of the pontoon boats are quadrilateral in shape. So, it will be a piece of cake for you to determine the size of the deck. Just calculate the gap between the two endpoints of the deck, skip the deck chairs.

The Length overall and motor or anchor ledge

In this process, apart from measuring the length between the front and the rear tubes, you should also consider the motor or anchor. You can separately measure the size of this motor length-wise and, finally, add it to the length overall.

What is the average size of a pontoon boat?

If you are thinking of buying a pontoon boat to use for leisure trips on the USA’s lakes and rivers, you should stick to the length range between 18 feet and 27 feet. Though the boat’s average size is around 22 feet, these boats are manufactured in small, medium, and large sizes. The small pontoon boats are 12 feet to 19 feet in length. But, for medium size of pontoon boats, the upper limit is 40 feet. The large pontoon boats can reach the maximum length of 60 feet in some cases.

In a nutshell, pontoon boats come in different sizes and shapes. You should decide on the size prior to placing an order for your first pontoon boat. The size of the pontoon boat also determines the capacity of the boat. So, put some thought into this specific topic if you tend to buy a pontoon boat in the near future.