How Much Do Captains Make on The Deadliest Catch?

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The Deadliest Captains earn a lot of money per episode. They earn somewhere between 25,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars per episode! They especially earn a lot during the crab fishing season. These days, the channel pays for all the fishing tools like rods, reels, belts, cages, etc. also. They have an annual income of 200,000 dollars. The deckhands, too, earn a handsome amount of salary.

Why do they earn so much?

The Deadliest Catch is the best nail-gripping show of the season! Fishermen at the Bering Sea face dangers and uncertainty while crab fishing! And it is definitely worth the watch. And since you have become a die-hard fan now, you want a sneak peek into their salaries as well!

Due to their life risks, they are rewarded accordingly. The Captains are responsible for the safety of the crew and the vessel. If you are a fan of Deadliest Catch, you must have seen survival fishing rods that the captains sometimes use. In other words, the Captains are responsible for changing the screenplay into reality and should definitely be rewarded well! These captains are so skilled that they know how to use advanced fishing equipment such as spear guns. These captains are really worth the salary they are getting. Now, let’s go and check their wages!

Most of the information found online has been speculation and gives you an approximate value. There has been no authentic news on their exact salary.

Crab Boat Captains earn an approximate value of 200,000 dollars a year. This amount is exclusive to their television appearances, any kind of promotions, or endorsements. Apart from appearing on the successful Nat Geo Series, they must have earned more from promotions and endorsements.

Who is the richest captain on the deadliest catch?

As of 2009, Sig Hansen earns an amount of 500,000 dollars per season on the show. He is the richest Captain on the Deadliest Catch. He is also the highest-paid Captain on the show.

These annual salaries are approximate as reporters are not allowed to disclose them in detail. However, we have an approximate figure of their salaries on the show per season, and here is the list of their decreasing net worth.

  1. Sig Hansen – earning an approx. 500,000 dollars annually. He has a net worth of $4 million. He is also the star of the show! He is the Captain of the F/V Northwestern. He is the richest and the wealthiest Captain on the show.
  2. Bill Wichrowski, Captain of the F/V Summer Bay – earning an approx of $ 300,000 annually. He has a net worth of $3 million.
  3. Jake Anderson, Captain of the F/V Saga– has a net worth of $1.8 million. He has come a long way through facing hardships and troubles in his life. The handsome salary is worth it.
  4. Keith Colburn, Captain of the F/V Wizard – has a net worth of $1.5 million. He is the only non-native Captain on the show and the Captain of the largest boat on the show.
  5. Sean Dwyer, Captain of the F/V Brenna – has a net worth of $ 900,000. He is the youngest of all the captains. He is considered the Sig Hansen among his generation.