How Much Do Deck Boats Weigh?

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Specially designed for recreational water activities, Deck boats provide plenty of room for the passengers. That is why the boat is quite popular among families and tourists. If you are looking for an all-purpose boat offering high speed and maximum open area, a deck boat is a right choice for you.

Before owning a deck boat, you need to know about the weight of a deck boat. Generally, deck boats weigh around 3100 lbs of dry weight. With the outboard motor, deck chairs, lights, fuel, anchors, etc., the total weight of the Deck boat will be around 4000 lbs.

Various deck boa models and their respective weights

Versatile deck boats sometimes need towing. So, it would be better if you know about the weight of different deck boats. Let’s start.

Bayliner Element E16

The Bayliner Element E16 is so far the smallest deck boat available in the boat market. The dry weight is around 1570 lbs. With fuel and trailer, its gross weight will be approximately 2592 lbs. The deck boat is generally equipped with a 12-gallon fuel tank.

Glastron GTD 180

This Glastron deck boat is around 18 feet long. The boat manufacturing companies list the weight of the boat as 2475 lbs. But, it will need an outboard motor of high HP, fine quality fuel, trailer, etc. So, ultimately, you will have to tow around 3800 lbs.

NauticStar 193 SC

The NauticStar 193 SC deck boat can be 19 to 22 feet long. To tow this 2490 lbs deck boat, you will need to have a trailer weighing around 800 lbs. Finally, the total weight will be around 4000 lbs.

SouthWind 200 SD

This modern deck boat is generally equipped with deck chairs, deck paddings, lights, stereos, racks, etc. Like the previous ones, the boat also features a weight of 2500 lbs. The gear, fuel-filled fuel tank, and trailer will add another 1500 lbs of weight.

How much extra weight will the trailer add?

A trailer is an object which carries your deck boat in the time of need. The trailer needs fine-quality trailer tires to relocate the boat. These tires will add a few extra pounds to the actual boat weight. A good trailer also contains other parts like trailer lights, trailer winches, trailer dollies, etc. If you wish, you can attach a trailer light to the trailer; it will help during the dark hours. A single axle trailer will feature approximately a weight between 600lbs and 800 lbs.

What are the factors affecting the weight of a deck boat?

Length, width, and height are considered the main factor behind determining the weight of a deck boat. There are only a few models featuring lengths below 20 feet. These are NauticStar 193 SC, Stingray 186CC, Hurricane SunDeck Sport 202, etc. But, there are models like Hurricane SunDeck 2690, NauticStar 243 DC, etc., which are around 26 feet and 24 feet long. The long deck boats generally weigh around 5300 lbs. For providing fast speed, these deck boats require gallons of fuel and high HP outboard motors. These objects are quite heavy, and you should know their exact weight to estimate the gross boat weight.

So, read this article attentively before you place an order for your new deck boat. It is preferable if you buy the trailer post choosing the deck boat.