How much do deckhands make on Deadliest Catch (Crab fishing salary)

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The demand for deckhands is exceptionally high. Whereas the supply of workers into this field is comparatively lesser than any other business. The foremost reason is the danger associated with the job of a deckhand. The more demanding the job, the higher is the pay. In short, the position of a deckhand has a good pay-out of around $250,000. This sum might sound much, but all other crew members have a share in it, such as the skipper, crew members, and other crew members of the Deadliest Catch.

What does it take to be a deckhand?

The success of the Television series Deadliest Catch has inspired many youths to go for a deckhand job. However, there is a rigorous procedure in becoming a deckhand. The process involves being a greenhorn before getting promoted to the position of a deckhand. The greenhorn is the lowest rank among the deck crew of a ship. You might be wondering how much does greenhorn make then? The salary of a greenhorn ranges from $6000 -8000.

What are the duties of a deckhand?

Deckhands manage and organize the equipment on the vessel deck. All the deckhands together make the crew called the deck crew. The deck crew is responsible for the overall maintenance of the ship. The duties of a deckhand also involve watching obstructions and other small boats as well as navigation aids. A deckhand’s responsibility involves various tasks that have proved to be fatal for many past crews. In the series, The Deadliest Catch is a clear representation of crab fishing.

Why is Crab fishing dangerous?

Crab fishing is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Alaskan crab fishing is especially more fatal than any other. A report suggests that more than 300 deckhands die per 100,000 almost every year. Most of the deaths are due to hypothermia while catching crab. Therefore, most deckhands are vulnerable to extreme sea conditions. The fishermen are also vulnerable to injuries and health conditions as their duty involves gear and heavy machinery in catching crabs.

What is the process of crab fishing?

Crab fishermen deckhands use a trap called a pot. The box-shaped pot is of nylon mesh and a steel frame. The weight of each pot is around 600-800 lbs. Moreover, a ship may carry 200-300 pots. Inside the trap, multiple types of fish such as codfish and herring as bait. The web immerses deep into the seafloor where crabs are trapped. Crab fishers make up to $200,000 per year, and the crewmen that also include greenhorn have a share of $50,000 over a few months.

Suppose that a crab boat makes $100,000 of a king crab, the greenhorn gets 6-8% of the whole profit. Reports estimate that deckhands make a handsome salary of $30,000 for mere six weeks of work.