How much do greenhorns make while crab fishing?

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Crab fishing is one of the most deadliest professions in the world. Crab fishing is just a dangerous version of regular fishing in the pond. So, for crab fishing you should purchase fishing tools of top quality.

This activity is carried out during the fall in Aleutian island’s waters and Alaska’s off coast. Also, Alaskan crab fishing is comparatively more dangerous than crab fishing done at other places. The fatalities in this profession are likely to be as high as 300 per 100,000 anglers per year. Therefore, this challenging profession pays the greenhorns between $15,000 and $50,000 for a few months of work.

Who are greenhorns?

The literal meaning of the word ‘greenhorn’ is ‘immature’. You must have heard of green timber. Green timber is that timber that has not matured or seasoned yet. In the world of Crab fishing, greenhorn refers to those fishermen who stand at the lowest rank. After rigorous training and practice, they reach the position of the deck crew. The highest rank official is the Captain on a Crab fishing boat.  They are generally engaged in collecting the crabs and transferring those crabs to the fishing storage racks.

What are the responsibilities of a greenhorn?

A greenhorn is a person who does all the grunt works and helps the deckhand. Greenhorns work only for a season or two on the crab fishing boat. The easiest way to get the job of a greenhorn is to roam around the deck or sitting on the deck chairs. If the skippers or the Captain notices you, he/she may recruit you as a greenhorn. A greenhorn works 15 hours a day. There is no leave on the weekends, like regular jobs. He may work for three or more months in the same way.

How to become a greenhorn?

The job of a greenhorn does not require any specific qualification or previous experience. You can get hired if you convince the Captain or skippers that you will work as hard as possible. There is no formal training. All the works that a greenhorn learns are while he is on the job. To get the feel and experience of the industry, many anglers start from salmon fishing.

How is the job of a greenhorn dangerous?

Alaska is one of the deadliest crab fishing spots in America. The fatalities in the industry of crab fishing are incredibly daunting. That is why it is easy to get into this sector, but not every greenhorn lasts long on the crab boat. Most of them are enthusiastic initially but end up leaving the job because of the danger surrounding it. Most of the deaths are caused by either drowning or hypothermia.

How many greenhorns make at the end of six months?

A crab boat greenhorn does not make as much money as a deckhand or as a captain. But, they certainly make a good amount of money at the end of six months. A greenhorn makes 5-8% of the funds of one crab haul. In short, they make up to $15,000 to 20,000 at the end of six months.

If you love adventure and sports, you might fall under the category of a potential greenhorn.