How Much Do the Guys on Wicked Tuna Make? + Cast & Captain Salaries

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“Wicked Tuna,” a popular American fishery-based TV series, aired on Nat Geo in 2012, and so far, the Television series has completed airing its ninth season successfully. In this series, the commercial tuna-fishermen show their daring fishing skill, and they focus on world-renowned Atlantic bluefin tuna entirely.

This action-packed Nat Geo series is earning more and more popularity with every passing year because of the fishermen’s competitive spirit. Every episode of “Wicked Tuna” is combined with a thriller. The audiences see the tuna-fishermen working in grueling conditions and dealing with the dangerous water when the camera continues to roll all the time.

Seeing these strenuous activities of tuna-fishermen, it isn’t hard to guess that the channel is paying them a huge sum. There is a lot of speculation about the salary of the cast and captains of “Wicked Tuna”. According to the source, each tuna-boat used to make around 3000 dollars initially, but it has now increased to 10000 dollars per boat per episode. This amount is divided among a number of people, but it is anticipated that the captain pockets the majority of the paid sum.

How much money do captains make on “Wicked Tuna” episodes?

There are some rumors that the captains of “Wicked Tuna” are making around 100,000 dollars per episode these days. The National Geographic channel is throwing this much money to the long-lasting and popular stars.

Captain Dave Marciano

This legendary captain is said to be the richest of the “Wicked Tuna” stars, and this guy has more than 30 years of experience in the tuna-fishing industry. He has generated 600,000 dollar money simply appearing on the show from the very first season.

Captain TJ Ott

He is the captain of Hot Tuna, and according to reports, he is paid around 100,000 dollars for a single episode. But, in the list of net worth, he is placed right below Captain Dave Marciano, making 500000 dollars of money from the show.

Captain Dave Carraro

The captain of was paid 83000 dollars per episode for the ninth season of “Wicked Tuna”. He is the most skilled captains they ever had on the show, and he has made 600,000 dollar money from it.

Other captains are making less than these top three captains. Some of the other popular captains are Paul Hebert, Tyler McLaughlin, Sandro Maniaci, and many others.

How much do other casts of “Wicked Tuna” make?

Clearly, the casts of “Wicked Tuna” make way less than that of captains. Initially, the National Geographic channel was paying them only their daily work pay. But, as the popularity of the show increased, the salary of the cast started increasing proportionally. As reported, every cast member receives a payment of 1500 dollar for a single episode.

Rumors about the salary of cast and captains of “Wicked Tuna” on early seasons

It is believed that the tuna fishermen agreed to appear on the first few seasons of the show without any promise of payment. They used their own equipment and did not receive any additional payment for filming their daily struggle on the tuna-boat. They simply believed that the show could provide them a brighter future. The show “Wicked Tuna” was a massive success, and it changed their future forever.

We think the salary information of the “Wicked Tuna” cast and crew will satisfy the curiosity of the audiences. Season 10 of this reality show is about to be aired in March and April of 2021. So, watch the complete season and let us know if you want to know anything else about “Wicked Tuna”.