How Much Does A Crab Boat Cost?

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Have you ever wondered what makes crab fishing so difficult? One of the deadliest inland water fishing takes place in the Alaskan island waters. Dangers surround the beauty of the Alaskan water. Crab fishing involves the hard work and dedication of the greenhorns and the entire deck crew. Today, let us look into the topic that describes the crab boat’s efficiency and cost that accompanies one of the deadliest professions in this world—a crab boat, on average, costs between $80,000 and $ 160,000.

Crab boats are usually commercial boats that are between 13 and 75 meters. One crab fishing session takes up to 7 days. A Crab boat has various equipment to face the wild waves in the Bering Sea and to fish crabs in that water. The hydraulic system and its steering kit help to put down the trap and pull it up quickly and effectively. We will further mention the different types of crab boats and the most affordable prices.

What is the different type of crab boats?

All crab boats have almost similar designs and functions. They all have a large tank below the main deck to store the trapped crab. They also have a wide area on board for keeping the crab pots. There are mainly two types of crab boats

  1. House forward
  2. House aft

The House -forward crab boat is more suitable for the skipper or captain to see what is in front of the vessel and supervise the deckhands without looking backward. The house design is the last concern of a deckhand.

What are the most affordable crab boats in the market?

The Waef

Waef is a small aluminum crab boat. The length of the Waef is 22’9, and the width is 10’5. This is one of the smallest and is also the most affordable. It costs around $128,000.

The Partner

The partner crab boat is a bit bigger than the Waef boat. Its length and width are 28’7 and 13’respectively. This boat is perfect for small excursions. The price of the Partner is around $121,000.

What are the most expensive and cheapest crab boats?

Did you know the longest crab boat is the Alaskan Enterprise that costs up to $2 million? Along with the boat’s price, crab boats require high maintenance for the deck crew’s security. The crab boats that we see in the Television series ‘The Deadliest Catch’ may be as old as 30 years and might cost between $2 and 3 million.

The smaller crab boats are affordable. If you are a keen fisherman, you should have a small and inexpensive crab boat that costs between $80,000 and 169,000. Adding a little extra information for you: A crab boat owner makes about $200,000 every year. While not on any fishing trip, the crab boats remain docked in a quiet place wrapped with boat cover. Generally, dock guards keep an eye on the boat, thereby curbing the chances of stealing and damaging the boat.