How much does a deckhand make on a tugboat?

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The job of a deckhand is to handle wires, boat wiring tools, deck lines, and towing tackle. A tugboat deckhand makes up to $50,000 in the United States. They also get a bonus salary that varies between $1,000 and 2,000. A group of deckhands makes the deck crew, and the deck crew is responsible for maintaining the ship. The tugboat deckhand assists the captain with the operation of the vessel.

What is a tugboat?

A tugboat is a ship or boat that manages vessels by towing or pushing them. For this, the tugboat uses strong tow ropes. Tugboats are designed in such a way that they can tow or push large vessels such as oil rigs, ships, and barges with high speed and precision. Some of the main parts of a tugboat that helps them in towing are as follows:

  1. Hull- the body of the ship.
  2. Lifebuoys- a device that is thrown in the water to provide buoyancy to the drowning person.
  3. Hatch- deck opening for the passage of cargo, etc.

The four different types of tugboat are:

  1. Seagoing tugboat
  2. Harbour tugboat
  3. Seagoing tugboats
  4. River tugboats

What are the responsibilities of a tugboat deckhand?

A tugboat deckhand has several duties assigned. But, they are often asked to complete extra work as asked by the officers. These are the primary responsibilities of a tugboat deckhand:

To help with docking

Deckhands are responsible for safely tying the tug as it unberths and berths from a vessel or the dock. It requires knowledge and skill to do things in the right way.

Repair and look after the maintenance required on board

The engineers are responsible for maintaining the proper functioning of engines and other machinery. So, a deckhand must repair smaller devices and tools.  They apply lube to the boat engine regularly for smooth functioning of the boat.

How to become a tugboat deckhand?

These are the documents required for recruitment as a deckhand:

  • Bridge watchman certificate
  • Food safe courses
  • A valid Marine basic first aid certificate
  • A valid D.O.T medical examination

The training programs of a deckhand involve 10 days of classroom instruction and in-harbor training. All the trainees who successfully complete the first phase of the training are eligible for the second phase. The second phase involves 14 days of redundant work on the ship.

You must have a clear check of criminal background, a valid passport, and the ability to enter the United States.

How much does a tugboat deckhand make?

A tugboat deckhand is likely to make $14 per hour on average. This sum is relatively larger than the salary of a greenhorn. In most cases, a deckhand is also paid an overtime salary of $19. Total annual salary may range from $25,000 to $72,000. This is the average salary of a tugboat deckhand in the United States. Here is a list of various salaries a tugboat deckhand makes all over the world:

Georgia – $175 a day.

Missouri – $180 a day.

Louisiana- $147 a day.

Alabama – $160 a day.