How Much Does a Pontoon Boat Weigh?

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The smallest pontoon boats weigh around 998 kilos, including the motor and gear, and can carry around 2000 passengers weighing 907 kilos. Every foot of the boat weighs up to 45 kilos, including furniture, people, and motor. A boat trailer can weigh up to 550 kilos. For a Pontoon boat of diameter 24″ and 24 feet, it can easily weigh up to 870 kgs. Deck chairs, deck pad, etc., add extra weight to the boat.

What is a pontoon boat?

There’s something about pontoon boats. A holiday on the pontoon boat shall be worth it. Lying around under the sun with the cool breeze and water adds up to the mood. Plus one, if the view is mesmerizing!

Pontoons are flat-surfaced boats that use floats to keep buoyancy in water. They can carry a weight of approx. 2000 people as they are flat surfaced and the boats contain much-reserved buoyancy. The massive deck allows designers to create party set-ups like lounge bars, stand-up bars, and sun pads. The pontoon boat drafts are very shallow and can be 8 inches. This reduces the risk of running aground and underwater damage.

The Pontoon boats were invented in early 1951 in the US and are credited to a farmer from Richmond, Minnesota. Previously, these pontoon boats were used for pleasure on the lakes and rivers and are now more party-oriented.

Pontoon water sport activities include – water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding. If you want to enjoy these water activities with your boat’s help, you should store water skis, towrope for water tubing, etc.

Pontoon boat examples along with their respective weights:

  1. The Yamaha 115 hp weighs only 181 kgs with the motor.
  2. Avalon Eagle 16′ weighs 612 kg with the motor.
  3. Sweetwater 2086 22′ weighs 804 kg with the motor.
  4. Avalon Catalina DRL 24′ weighs 959 kg with the motor.
  5. Suntracker Regency 254XP3 27′ weighs 1497 kg with the motor.
  6. G3 Suncatcher 22’X22RF weighs 1632 kg with motor and trailer.

Making your own pontoon boat

This is quite tricky. Making your own pontoon boat requires a lot of calculation before building one. Anything heavy adds up weight to your Pontoon boat. Make sure to use durable but lightweight materials. You also need to figure out how many tubes are required for your boat. This is based on the weight and length of the pontoon.

But you can customize your boat instead of making it from scratch. Most manufacturers give you the facility of making your boat with your seating arrangements, water slides, fishing pole holders, bar, and whatever else you want to add!

Before buying a boat, understand what your primary concerns are. Owning a boat can be pretty exciting, and at the same time, it needs proper maintenance. Think how you shall spend your days on the boat. However, always remember to keep your safety measurements on the boat.