How Much Does a Ski Boat Weigh?

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People generally buy a ski boat for recreational purposes. These boats can be 20 to 23 feet long. It isn’t hard to guess that the Ski boat is heavy in weight. If you are thinking of owning a Ski boat this year, you should know about its weight and how you can tow it if necessary.

Do you know that a modern Ski Boat can weigh around 6000 lbs? To tow such a huge boat, you will need a trailer, and this will add an extra 1000 lbs to the boat’s actual weight. So, the final weight can be around 7000 lbs. You should remember that the boat weight varies depending on the length, width, and material used on the boat.

Different models of Ski boats and their weights

Centurion Ri257

This 25-feet long ski boat has a capacity to accommodate around 18 people at a time. This boat weighs approximately 5350 lbs.

Malibu M235

A Malibu M235 can be 23 feet long, and this ski boat makes room for 17 people. This not-so-big boat weighs approximately 6200 lbs.

Super Air Nautique 230

This is one of the most sought-after ski boats in the market, and it weighs around 4650 lbs. The boat features a similar size to the previous ski boats. It is 23 feet long but welcomes only 15 souls on board.

There are also other models manufactured by boat factories these days. These are Malibu TXi MO, MasterCraft X26 2019, Moomba Outback 2013, Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV, Centurion Enzo SV244, etc., and these boats weigh 3100 lbs, 6700 lbs, 2800 lbs, 4650 lbs, 4559 lbs, respectively.

What is dry weight?

The boat manufacturers started using the term “dry weight” while weighing the boat. The fuel of the fuel tank, passengers, boat seats, gear, outboard engine, lights, stereo, fishing equipment, etc., are not considered while counting the dry weight of a ski boat.

Most of the weights we have mentioned above are dry weight. Depending on other factors, the weight of those boat models can vary widely.

Measuring the actual weight of ski boat

If you know the weight of the other items onboard, you can easily calculate the dry weight of your favorite boat model. Let’s begin.


If you are thinking of towing your ski boat, the boat trailer will emerge as your savior. The trailer itself has a number of parts such as trailer winches, trailer fenders, trailer tires, trailer dollies, trailer axles, trailer lights, and so on. If you sum up the weight of all these parts, it will be around 1600 pounds at max.


Boat gear is considered one of the inevitable parts of your ski boat. But, this object is quite lightweight yet efficient. You will have to add only 100 lbs to 600 lbs for this gear to the dry weight of the boat.


It depends on you how much fuel you want in your ski boat. Generally, the fuel tank fills at 60 to 75 gallons of fuel. So, you can add 450 lbs approximately to the dry weight of the boat.

We are hopeful that you have got a concrete idea regarding the weight of the ski boat of different models. So, now, if you arrive at a ski boat showroom, you will be quite clear about the model you should choose, and you can also buy a suitable trailer keeping in mind the total weight of the boat.