How Much Does A Tugboat Captain Make?

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The average salary that a Tugboat Captain earns annually is around $101,900, depending on his assistance and experience. The salary range differs according to the experience level and how proficient the tugboat captain has been.

After special training, instruction, and experience, an individual becomes capable of being a tugboat captain. However, even a novice gets paid around $89,000, which is decent to start.

What qualifications are obligatory to become a Tugboat Captain?

Surprisingly you do not need a degree to become a tugboat captain, and you can immediately start with your work and gain experience after completing your high school education. It is a notable benefit as it gives you space to earn quickly without delay.

All you need is to become a certified Master of Towing, and you can get this qualification by working on a tugboat for at least four years. And at least 30 months of work experience as a merchant marine. Also, you might need 12 months of expertise working as a deckhand.

Which duties does a Tugboat Captain perform?

A tugboat captain is a responsible job that calls for individuals capable of multitasking. Also, they must have exceptional leadership skills. The primary task of the tugboat captain is to maintain safe operation even in challenging conditions. Also, they assist ships and tow the containers in distress.

It is a challenging role that necessitates efficient individuals to take up such responsibilities for better functioning. They guide how to use navigational aids, boat equipment, safe transportation, and towing ships to their ultimate location.

Furthermore, the tugboat captain must be able to maintain documentation and records necessary for the ship logs. A potential tugboat captain must be capable of maintaining and playing these roles to be successful in his work and profession.

What are the perks of becoming a Tugboat Captain?

Piloting a tugboat requires some exceptional skills and if you have them, then be ready to take the privilege of these benefits. If you do not want to operate on the ground, you can opt to become a tugboat captain.

Great pay

The first and foremost advantage of being a tugboat captain is that you get handsomely paid in this profession. You can make about $43 per hour and easily earn $87,000 a year on average. Also, you get sufficient work-offs and only have to work 180 days in a year. All you have to do is spend two weeks working and the next two weeks are off.

Travel across the world

Who does not like to travel? By being a tugboat captain, you get the privilege to travel across the globe and visit new places. You can visit port cities after docking your boat and explore new tastes, traditions, and cultures.

You get privacy

Being on the boat for hours gives you more freedom to enjoy your privacy. You can have complete control over the crew and members around you. And you can appreciate your course there in peace and luxury. Also, you have some chefs to cook mouth-smacking meals for you.