How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Pontoon Boat?

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If you like fishing and boating activities and want to seek information about a pontoon boat, you are in the right place. A pontoon boat costs around 350$ – 500$ approximately for an entire day. Of course, prices vary upon the time you wish to lease this boat. However, these boats are utilized for multiple purposes and keep their users lively and active on their trip.

What activities can you do with a Pontoon boat?

Is a pontoon boat just like any other regular boat? No, there is a purpose why it has got a different name than your classic boat. A pontoon has tubes that are usable for buoyancy and help the users participate in boating activities. These tubes also add to the safety and reduce the chances of sinking. So enjoy clubbing, partying, fishing, activities, and much more with your pontoon boat.

Plus, some boats also have customization options where you can add experiences and conveniences to your ride. You can listen to music, get a pet, go fishing, cook food according to the terms laid by the rental company. It is a perfect plan for a casual vacation day by the waters. If you want a fishing tool, you can check the Berkley XCD Fishing Tools Review for the best experience.

How much should you pay for a Pontoon boat?

The rental costs of the boat do vary according to the features it offers to the users. Also, if you are renting a pontoon boat on weekends, it may cost slightly higher than a weekday. Plus, these boats have double-deckers and various features that determine their cost. However, we have listed a few cities after researching multiple factors. We have the best cities and the rental prices they charge for pontoon boats in their region.

  • Buffalo, New York, charges $325
  • Hilton Head, South Carolina, charges $500
  • Miami, Florida charges $450
  • Big Bear Lake, California, charges $450

These are some of the known cities with average rental charges. Companies give you detailed instructions about the boat, capacity, driving permits, and other terms before handing it to you. If you want to hire a captain, the charges will rise. Also, according to the season, the prices may vary; for instance, in summer, rentals are costlier.

Points to consider while renting a Pontoon boat


If it is your first time, brace yourself and prepare to know about the boat and its activities. If you want to fish, ensure you get the right bait. Go through the Berkley Gulp Alive Minnow Soft Bait Review to make your experience smoother.

Shop right and get the best deals

To perform activities, you will require good tools. But where can you find them? Worry not and check the Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Spinning Fishing Rod Review and get the right tool. And how can you forget the fishing line? Store up at the earliest and get the best from Berkley FireLine Superline Fishing Line Review.

Know before you rent

Last but most importantly, ensure you know about all the facilities before you pay the rent to avoid chaos. With this, you will take full benefit and not pay extra for something you did not hire.

Spending some quality time from the busy and hectic schedule is essential. Pontoon boats give you a necessary break and help eradicate all the stress you carry from work.