How Much Does the Below Deck Cast Make Per Episode?

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Below Deck has been a popular reality show right from when it hit the screens in 2013. Since then, the Bravo series has attracted a huge fan following because of its unique and engaging content. It was even voted as one of the highest-rated reality series on television. The cast’s impressive performance and the massive response it has received make us wonder exactly how much the cast and crew of Below Deck are paid throughout the season. Usually, those on the show are paid for the tasks they perform and separately for their appearances. Also, being a reality show, every moment of action and emotion on board is captured on camera.

What is the work schedule like?

The cast is on board for an average of around four to six months a year, during which time they are assigned various tasks. Equipment such as marine coolers can be quite handy during these months spent at sea. Most of the work can be easily handled, except dealing with weird and demanding customers, which can be a bit too much to handle.

Moreover, the limited space onboard can make life difficult for those who value privacy. There are cameras almost everywhere, and getting used to being watched all the time can be challenging for those who are not used to being scrutinized 24×7. The compensation, however, more than makes up for all the hard work and stress.

What kinds of jobs are assigned to the members?

They may be asked to launch the yacht, cook in front of boat grills, and serve guests, or even be at their service throughout the day. Other menial jobs could also be on the cards, such as showing guests to their rooms or carrying their bags along. Sometimes, the captain may also assign other tasks such as repairing stuff or cleaning up after the guests leave. The below deck cast also takes care of the safety of the guests. They keep the life jackets and first-aid kits at a stone’s throw.

How much does the cast make during a season?

The entire staff on board makes a decent salary during their stay on the yacht. While the actual salary varies according to the jobs assigned to each one, it can be anything from $5000 – $10,000 a month. Moreover, the whole crew receives generous tips depending on how they perform their duties during the show. Usually, those who work as chefs earn the most. One season may continue for about six months, after which the cast can make more money by moving to another boat. Throughout this time, onboard boat storage products can be very useful to all those engaged in various activities on the ship.

How much do members earn per episode?

Every member is paid a base salary of around a thousand dollars for each episode, along with exorbitant tips. They are offered free food and stay during the entire season, and get paid for regular appearances. The yacht company pays the remaining salaries without any tax cuts. They just need to take care of their wealthy guests and make sure they enjoy a memorable holiday. For those who live frugally, the money is good enough to last the entire year, after a work period of around 4-5 months.