How To Attach A Tow Rope To A Pontoon Boat?

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Attaching a tow rope to a Pontoon can double the fun you never expected. If your Pontoon boat is strong enough to tow tubes, you should try it once. Although not all Pontoon boats are strong to pull a tube. If you want your boat to pull a tube, you should use towable tubes. Boats with HP engines are preferred for towing.

Where should the tow rope be tied on the pontoon boat?

First of all, you must know that cleats are not the safest place to tie the rope. The reason is that if the cleat pulls out, it can create a projectile. This projectile can further be dangerous to the tube tied. It can also prove fatal and harmful to the riders on the tube. Following is the most suitable method to tie a rope to your Pontoon boat:

Fit a tow bar at the back of your pontoon boat

Tie the tow rope to the tow bar at the back. If you already have a tow bar, then that’s a plus point. If not, consult the boat dealer or buy a tow bar online.

What type of rope should be used for towing?

Different types of rope can be tied to a pontoon boat.

Ski rope

Water Ski ropes are one of the most versatile ropes. To get a good grip on these ropes, you should use water ski gloves. The ski rope is 70 feet long, and a 5 feet long handle is attached at the end of the rope. You might be wondering that the length of the rope is too much. Don’t worry, mate; they have different colored ropes divided into parts. You can easily detach the parts of the rope you want.

Nylon rope

Nylon ropes have elastic that prevents them from shock absorption. Shock absorption is an essential safety procedure to look for before buying a rope because of waves and wind. Furthermore, Nylon rope is very flexible, inexpensive, mildew/ rot resistant, and very strong. Most people prefer three-strand nylon rope, which provides more stretch and resistance to abrasion.

Polypropylene rope

Polypropylene rope is also sometimes referred to as yellow rope. This kind of rope is mostly used in water skiing and wakeboarding. It is also a good replacement for nylon rope. Yellow rope floats and is also very strongly similar to nylon rope. But the only drawback is that this rope is less resistant to the sun’s Ultraviolet rays and may not last longer than nylon rope.

What are the different types of rope knots for towing?

There are many kinds of knots used to tie a rope to a pontoon for towing.

  1. Square knot
  2. The bowline
  3. The clove hitch
  4. The double half hitch
  5. The sheet bend

Make sure that the knot is tied safely. Do not do it by yourself if you’re not experienced.