How to Clean a Bimini Top of Mildew & Mold Stains With No Bleach

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Bimini top refers to the open-front canvas top of your boat, and it protects the passengers from the scorching Sun. This collapsible bimini top is raised with a metal frame support when the passengers seek shelter from rain, storm, or wind.

These bimini tops are often covered with bird poops in various places. Due to their unique texture, the bimini tops attract mold, mildew, etc. So, if you wish passengers to board your boat, you need to keep the bimini top in mint condition. These canvas tops are bright in colors, so it is quite visible to people if it has any dirt on top of it.

We would suggest not cleaning the bimini top with bleaching products as these can cause fading and affect the stitches on the sides. Disassemble the canvas and pressure wash it with clean water. Use only non-toxic cleaners and mild soaps for cleaning.

What are the steps to clean your bimini top without bleach?

We generally advise our readers not to use bleaching chemicals on fabrics. Vinyl, canvas, etc., suffer too much destruction if you use bleaching agents on them. The bimini tops are quite expensive. So, it would always be a better option for boat owners to clean the mold and mildews instead of replacing the entire canvas top.

Lay the bimini top on a flat surface

First, unclip it from the metal frame and place it on your patio or driveway. You can put a few rocks on the sides to facilitate the cleaning process.

Pressure washing and drying it out

For pressure washing, you need to wet the canvas top at first. This machine uses a water jet at high pressure and is capable of removing all the molds and mildews. But, be careful while washing the weak spots of your canvas. After this, lay it on the Sun for a few hours.

Applying protectant

You can add some UV blockers on your bimini top. It will protect the canvas from premature cracking, fading, etc.

How to remove mold and mildew?

For getting rid of mildew, you can use mold stain remover. Rest this spray on the bimini top for at least 15 minutes. While scrapping off the molds, you need to wear a mask to prevent the chance of mold allergy altogether. You can wash boat carpets, boat covers, etc., with this spray as well.

How to take care of the bimini top fabric and hardware?

If you can take your bimini top fabric through regular maintenance, you won’t have to think about replacing it at all. We suggest washing the canvas top with warm water, dishwashing gel of mild fabric cleaner for marine application. You must use a soft brush to eliminate dirt from the bimini top. After washing, rinse it with cold water immediately and let it air-dry itself. For the bimini hardware, you can use spray or directly wipe it with a soft cloth.

Now that you have read the entire article, you must have a concrete idea of the cleaning process of mold, mildew, and stains from your boat. A clean bimini top will attract more passengers to your boat, and it will provide you a certain confidence.