How to Clean a boat gas tank without removing it?

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If you do not have the required time or skill to remove a fuel tank, here is how to do it without removing the tank. Most of the time, boat owners face stuttering of the boat. This might be caused due to an old and dirty fuel tank. Therefore all you need to do is to clean the fuel tank of yours without removing it.

What are the prerequisites to clean a boat gas tank?

You will need the following items for cleaning the gas tank

  • Siphon pump
  • Large enough container to hold the drained fuel
  • Fuel Tank cleaner
  • Sea Foam carb cleaner

What are the steps involved in cleaning a boat gas tank?

These are the simple and easy steps to clean a boat gas tank.

Clean up your work area

The first step to start your cleaning work is to have a clean and proper work area. It would help if you took certain precautions while you do the cleaning. A boat uses items like fuel additives, fuel stabilizers, etc., which makes the tank extra dirty. Working with a fuel tank means that there will be dangerous fumes oozing out of the tank. So you have to be extra careful not to keep any explosives or ignition sources open nearby. It is also advised to seek a professional if you are even slightly careless with precautions.

Empty the gas tank

You need to drain the remaining gas from the tank before starting the cleaning process. Draining the gas leftover gas can be pretty dangerous. If it is not carried out correctly, it can cause a fire in the vicinity. Following are the equipment you need for emptying a gas tank-:

Handwork gloves

If you’re draining the gas yourself, you will have to deal with the fuel manually. Using gloves will ensure the safety that your hands require. You can wear a pair of sailing gloves if you want.

Protective Eyewear

This is not an essential prerequisite for draining the gas tank but is a necessary tool for your safety. There might be a possibility of oil spilling. Hence protective eyewear will help you protect your eyes.

Face mask

If you can’t resist a foul and pungent smell, a face mask is necessary for you. This helps in blocking out the unwanted odor of the fuel.

Fuel Hose

The size of the fuel hose depends on the size of your boat. A 3/8 inch fuel hose can be recommended in general. You can buy a 6 feet long and cut it into two pieces.

Now suck out all the fuel using a siphon pump. You should know how much fuel your boat gas tank requires. If you have left the fuel for a long time in the tank, there might be a thick sludge. This sludge might take time to be sucked out. Also, make sure that you clean the boat gas tank and the boat tank once in a while.