How to Clean a Fiberglass Boat & Deck or Hull without Bleach

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If you own a boat, you will have to spend a significant amount of time and money to keep it in mint condition. You need to take your Fiberglass Boat and deck through regular cleaning. Otherwise, your boat will develop mold, which can make your expensive water vessel quite unattractive.

Now a question might pop in your head- “How to clean a Fiberglass boat & deck or hull?” Though earlier people used to apply bleaching products on their Fiberglass boats, these days, it is possible to clean the entire boat without bleach also. You can use a pressure washer, non-toxic deck cleaner, a long brush, and of course, a few buckets full of water.

What are the steps of cleaning a Fiberglass boat and deck without bleach?

Wet the surface

First, purchase all the mentioned objects and keep them close to your hand. After that, wet the entire boat, including the exterior and interior of this water vessel.

Pressure wash

Do you know that pressure washing is capable of scrapping off the molds, dirt, mildew, etc.? The pressure washers quicken the process of cleaning and help your Fiberglass boat get its original shine back. These days, many online stores are selling this type of machine, which uses water pressure for cleaning.

Applying deck cleaner on the hull

After the pressure wash, you should spray deck cleaners all over the boat. Try not to leave a single place on your deck or hull. After this, let the deck cleaner sit on the boat surface for at least five minutes. Wash the deck pads once in a while as well.


For scrubbing the dirt, you need to use a long deck brush. This will not only reduce the arms fatigue but will also help you reach the corners and hard-to-reach areas of the boat.

For the final step, you can use a buffer or any polishing item if you want. This will make your boat extra glossy and rust-resistant.

Are there any cleaning tips boat owners need to follow?

If you can scrub the boat surface properly, you will not need any bleaching product to wash off the long-standing dirt and debris. If possible, spray deck cleaners all over the boat after every use, and this way, you won’t have to spend much money on maintenance of your fiberglass boat and deck. No matter how frequently you use your boat, you should wash it with deck cleaning products on a weekly basis. Read the label of the boat cleaner bottle before you start using it on your boat surface.

How should you remove oxidation?

If there is a sign of oxidation on your fiberglass boat, it can be pretty difficult for you to remove it. Some polishing compounds can be helpful for getting rid of oxidation marks. You can also apply wet sand on those affected areas if you want.

A clean boat will fill your mind with a positive vibe. If you have a clean fiberglass boat and deck, you will feel confident to invite others to come and sit on the deck chairs of your boat.