How to Clean Boat Plastic Windows?

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Owning a boat requires proper maintenance as well as regular cleaning to keep your journey safe and secure. Similarly, cleaning plastic windows might seem like a struggle, but you can easily clean them with wax and other materials.

You must have a clear vision while riding your boat to avoid mishaps. And these plastic windows tend to get messy by the dust and dirt. So, ensure you clean them correctly and extend the durability of your boat’s windows.

Examine your boat window

You must be wondering why you should examine your window to clean it well. However, it is essential if you do not know the precise material used in making it. There are two types of boat windows that companies provide with boats.


They are lightweight and sturdy boat windows that serve similar to that of plastic. Acrylic windows are a kind of plastic that requires careful cleaning. If you use harsh chemicals on it, your window may wear off. So, ensure you use friendly cleaners to clean them.


It is yet another type of plastic that is more durable and sturdier. Usually, these windows turn opaque when they are in sunlight. However, if you use the wrong cleaners, your windows might fade and look ill in appearance. To avoid this, prevent the vapor that comes with sun exposure.

Ways to clean your plastic window correctly

Proper cleaning can restore and prolong the life of any material. Similarly, with your boats, if you maintain your windows well, there are lesser chances for them wearing out and damaging. These steps will help you understand your windows and their cleaning better.

Wash them

Yes, cleaning the windows with plenty of freshwaters is the best option. It helps get rid of dust and particles quickly; after washing them with water, use a mild soap or cleaner like Ivory Liquid to clean it well. Later with the help of a soft and clean cloth, wipe off the extra salt or dirt. Lastly, rinse them once again with fresh water.

Avoid drying

Do not let your window panels dry off completely. Ensure they are a little moist and fresh all the time. If they dry entirely, it may result in unwanted deposits that are stubborn to get rid of later on. So gently wipe off your windows with a damp cloth.

Use the right wax

Chemicals play a significant role in preserving and keeping your windows in place. If you use complex chemicals, they will easily cause damage. You can check these 10 Best Boat Waxes Reviews to get the best wax.

Protect your windows

If you have a vinyl window, it is preferable to cover them with a quality boat cover when you are not using your boat. It helps in sustaining the appearance and opaque nature. Plus, this helps in extending durability. And if you have acrylic windows, use mild cleaners only. It will make your window very clear and leave a pleasant scent.

Polish them occasionally

Use a reputed and reliable polish to maintain the shine and look of windows. You can apply it with a pad and applicator without expert help. Check this review of  27 Best Boat Polishes for a better idea.

Cleaning your boat plastic windows is not difficult, and you can perform simply at any time. Regularly maintain your boat and make it look brand new wherever you go for a ride.