How to Clean Vinyl Boat Seats of Mildew

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Do you know that vinyl seats are more prone to get mold and mildew? The water drops, air, and body sweat trigger the development of mildew on boat seats after a few years of use. Sometimes, seat covers can’t even prevent this type of mildew stains.

So, to keep your boat in mint condition, you need to clean your entire boat, including the boat seats, on a regular basis. This way, the boat seats will be more appealing to passengers, and the boat seats will last longer.

For removing mildew stains from the vinyl boat seats, you can use spray cleaners and scrub it a little to release the dirt. To get rid of stubborn mildew, you should repeat this process a number of times. Finally, wipe the vinyl seats with a dry and soft cloth.

How to prevent mildew from appearing on vinyl seats?

As a boat owner, you will want your boat to remain in good condition for multiple years, and that is why you should keep the boat in an open garage. Before you cover the boat seats with large boat covers, you should let the boat dry itself for a while. For this, you can keep it in the open air for an hour or two; this way, all the body sweat left on the boat seats will be dried. If possible, wipe the vinyl boat seats with mold removing solution once before you cover the boat for a long time. This way, you will be able to discourage the mold and mildew formation on the seats.

What are the products required for cleaning boat seats?

The first thing you will be needing is a mildew stain remover and marine spray. To wipe the boat surface after cleaning, you should purchase a magic eraser sponge, soft cloth, soft brush, scrubber, etc. To give your boat a glossy look, you can shop for boat polishes as well. You should use high-quality mildew remover all the time. Also, don’t experiment on boat seats with homemade mold removing solutions.

Removing mildew stains and washing the boat

It will be a pretty challenging and strenuous task to remove all the mildew stains from boat seats. Here, we have talked about some effective steps that can provide your boat a newer look.

Maintain a regularity

If you wish to maintain clean boat seats, you should wash the entire boat with dish wash after every long boat ride. This way, you can get rid of harmful mildews easily. To enhance the longevity of the boat seats, you should use UV protective sealant at the end of every month. Never skip the cleaning routine of your boat.

Avoid air-dryer and bleaching

Air-dryers can be too harsh on the vinyl seats. You should also never apply bleaching items on your boat seat. These are powerful chemicals that have the potential to damage the boat seat completely.

The above information may have answered the question of “How to Clean Vinyl Boat Seats of Mildew.” If you are a first-time boat owner, you would suggest that you should focus on mildew control more instead of its cleaning process. This will save your money and time both.