How to Get a Title for a Boat Without a Title?

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Buying a boat is a costly affair and may take up most of your life’s earnings. It, therefore, makes sense to make sure you buy a boat with the title documentation. Some people prefer to buy a boat without a title and complete the paperwork themselves. In such cases, it is necessary to obtain adequate information about how to get a title for a boat without a title.

Why does your boat need a title?

A boat has to be licensed with a valid registration number, and the registration card serves as proof of registration. A title is usually proof of ownership of the boat and shows that the boat has been purchased only once. Moreover, you may have to comply with diverse rules in every state for a title. While the registration gives you legal right to use the boat, and the title proves that you own the boat.

Which boats need registration?

Usually, boats that are fully equipped for living at sea with necessities such as marine toilets need to be registered. It all depends on the type of vessel and the place where you reside. Submit all required information such as the type of boat, the fuel system, the type of motor, and the engine type. A title or replacement fee may also be charged depending on the type of boat. It would be wise to visit the local boating department to make sure that you have all the required information for registration handy.

How much does the procedure cost?

The cost for obtaining a title can vary according to each state. Usually, a small or nominal fee is charged, which can be anything between 10 – 20$. Boat transfers are done free of charge in most of the states. If not, a small fee will be applicable depending on your place of residence and the place where the boat was originally registered. Apart from registration costs, you should also spend some money on buying life jackets, boat ladders, grills, boat seats, etc.

What is the Registration Process like?

The entire procedure can vary depending upon the state where you want to register. You will need to produce a bill of sale to prove the authenticity of the sale. Boat-specific information such as the make, color, or model will also be required. You will also need to specify whether the sale agreement contains details about other accessories such as trailers, skis, or other accessories. If the boat is motor-driven, you will need to mention the engine type and the boat’s present condition if it has been used earlier.

A notary may be involved to get the document legally signed by both parties. A fixed amount is charged for the transfer procedure, along with the relevant taxes. In case the boat is new, a statement of origin will be required to acquire a title in your name. Simply carry this document along with a valid proof of identity and other paperwork to complete the formal registration. When you get the title for the boat, it is legal proof that you possess complete ownership rights of the same. Therefore, the document must be preserved carefully for any verification or transfers in the future.