How To Get Rid Of A Fiberglass Boat?

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Do you know a fiberglass boat can last up to fifty years? Eventually, your boat will start showing mechanical issues related to the outboard engine motor, and you will have to replace its parts more often. There will come a time when the repairing cost will surpass the original boat price. That is the time when you should think about getting rid of your fiberglass boat.

There are multiple ways to get rid of an old boat, but according to us, the best way would be to recycle it. You can also sell your old boat to a new owner or give it away to some friends.

Ways to get rid of an old fiberglass boat

Other than the top two, there are other ways to get rid of a boat. Let’s discuss all those methods in detail.

Donate the boat to charity

If you don’t need your boat any longer, you can donate it. If you select the right charity, they will repair your old boat and use it for some noble cause. In case you decide to donate your boat, you can contact the charity members, and they will pick up your boat from your home.

Leave it on a landfill site

Those who want to get rid of their old boat immediately can consider dumping the boats in a local landfill site. But, for this, release the toxic fluid from the boat first. The staff of the landfill site will deconstruct your boat finally. If you are not okay with this option, you can always go recycling your old boat.

The steps everyone should avoid while getting rid of an old boat

Sinking your boat

If you intentionally sink your boat, it can lead you to a heavy fine, jail term, etc. A sunk boat can hamper the marine environment. It can also cause problems to other boats. If your boat is sunk underwater, no one will see it, but it will hit the propeller of other boats. The aluminum propellers can cause severe injury to humans while swimming in that water. So, don’t even consider sinking your boat as an option.

Burning your old boat

Intentional burning of an old boat will result in the emission of lots of harmful gases. After burning, there will remain a lot of fibers and ashes on your property. So, it is recommended not to burn your fiberglass boat also.

Abandoning the boat

This terrible step can also be a fineable offense for you. The government of the USA will consider such dumping activity illegal.

How can you recycle your boat?

So far, recycling is considered the most viable option to get rid of your fiberglass boat. First, drain off all the toxic fluid and then disassemble the entire boat. After that, cut up the boat into multiple pieces. Get rid of all the parts consisting of fiberglass. For boat recycling, you can choose locations like Florida, Texas, California, etc. You can separate the deck pads, deck chairs, and other good parts of the boat and can use these for your next boat.

So, don’t worry about your old fiberglass boat at all. Religiously follow the steps we have mentioned above. Thus, you will not face any legal difficulty and will be able to get rid of your old boat.