How to keep Seagulls off your boat?

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As boat owners and enthusiasts, we are quite aware of how much damage these annoying birds like the Seagulls can do to our boats. It’s not just about the dirty and unsanitary situations they create, but they also pose a threat to people’s health. It’s very much important to keep these seagulls off your boat because they can produce a terrible mess in your boat and might additionally transmit several diseases and bacteria.

Why are Seagulls dangerous?

There is no doubt that these Gulls are formidable and potentially dangerous. Yes, a seagull can snatch food or anything from one hand, especially when held high and out of the row of human eyes. Other than that, some of the diseases carried by Seagulls and pigeons can make you seriously ill; Salmonellosis, Psittacosis, Fowl pest, Escherichia coli, Fungal infections are the examples of diseases and sickness that these migratory birds can cause.

How are these diseases transmitted?

Transmission of these diseases generally occurs by:

  • Coming into contact with feces
  • Inhalation of airborne molds from feces
  • Parasitic transmission
  • Food and water pollution

What are the methods to keep seagulls away from your boat?

Imagine you getting rid of seagulls from your boat like an expert. Follow these steps to get there.

  1. The first and foremost step that someone can take to protect their boats is to consider waxing their boat. It might not seem to be much effective in getting rid of them, but it would surely provide an additional protective layer. Wax prevents corrosion and protects the boat from harmful effects of scratches, UV rays, and saltwater. It’s also easier to get rid of feces if you own any waxed boat. This can help you take your first step to fend off these pesky gulls.
  2. The second step that can be taken is by covering or wrapping your vessel with a net or mesh. Any type of parallel wiring kits, plastic or steel spikes, or nets will help keep them from taking a break anywhere near your boat. But We would also suggest not to use something too thick as it would make it non-breathable. These days, there are many fine-quality fishing nets available online.
  3. The third step that can be taken is by installing a Solar bird repellent. Now for starts, let us explain what a Solar bird repellent is. A Solar Bird Repellent is a solar-powered portable physical bird deterrent that uses continuous movement to prevent large pests such as seagulls and pigeons from landing, nesting, or perching in boats or ships. The swirling and sweeping motion drive these birds away from the treated area. It can be easily mounted on any flat or angled surface using screws or cords (more preferable), be it the hull or even the mast.
  4. As we said before, gulls can see the masts of your boat as an ideal place to perch and rest. So, we think it can be a good option to install micro-filament strings on the neck with a suitable pattern. By not making space here for a possible landing, you effectively prevent birds from approaching your boat.
  5. For our last opinion, one of our favorite options is available as it serves two purposes. The first purpose is the one you are here for that is to deter them and secondly, it will make your boat look good too. The option we are talking about is using reflective tapes and mirrors on your boat. Anything that reflects direct light is very disturbing to birds. Apart from the sparkling effect, it also produces the metallic sound that becomes more terrifying to birds attempting to perch.


Although we have provided most of the best ideas that anyone can use to get rid of seagulls or any pest bird, you will find many other ideas on the internet, among which most of them will be either of no use or impractical. We, therefore, hope that you have found this guide on how to keep seagulls out of your boat intriguing and helpful.