How to measure the overall length of a boat

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Boats perform a variety of functions, from investing to disporting. So, if you are going to buy a boat or simply you are curious about them, you have arrived at the perfect place.

Here you will get a brief and proper knowledge about how to evaluate the overall length of a boat error-free. Yes, it may seem simple at first, but you should have a good and comprehensive idea of it. As we all know nothing lasts for a long time if not maintained suitably and for that reason, we advise you to learn about it properly.

What do we mean by the Overall length of a boat?

By the term “Overall length” of a boat, we mean the maximum hull length measured parallel to the waterline or from the tip end of the bow in a straight line to the stern of the boat or vessel. This is an important term that we often come across while expressing the size of a boat or vessel.

Why do we need to measure the overall length of a boat?

It is quite essential to know about the overall length of a boat. Few following reasons are provided to support our claim-

If you ever want to put it up for sale, it is important to have the precise overall length and dimensions. Buyers require accurate measurements, and having accurate details will help secure a sale.

It is additionally vital while obtaining a registration, BOAT CODE, mooring, or berth.

If you are having or planning to own a boat, you have to make the required arrangements for docking. One of the necessities is the boat’s width and length measurement. This is thus your boat is assigned the proper space to park or dock. For proper docking, you will require items like dock light, dock steps, dock bumper, etc. Mooring arrangements and rates vary from ship to ship; thus, it’s best to have this data on hand.

When you buy a boat, the first work you need to do is register it making it legal. Now it is this overall length and dimensions of the vessel which you will require to determine the fees needed for the registration. Similarly, it is important while applying for insurance. Larger boats can cost more and may also need more safety and other instruments than compared to smaller ones.

Thus, it is very important to understand and calculate the dimensions of a boat while or before owning it.

What is the Correct Way to measure the overall length of a boat?

As we have explained earlier about the importance of measuring the overall length of a boat, now let’s come to the question of how to actually do it?

The following steps listed below will answer this question appropriately-

  • Total length is measured in a straight line from the tip of the bow to the stern of the boat.
  • Bowsprits, rudders, outboard motors, and other peripherals must not be included in this measurement.
  • The extensions that can be taken into measurement include only those which affect its buoyancy.


While measuring the length, you should be careful to maintain a straight measurement. No curves, lumps, or loops can occur. It will then lead to a faulty result.


In closing the post, we would like to express our gratitude to the viewers and hope that the information provided can help them in the best possible way.